Joseph Timothy Foley, Assistant Professor

School:School of Technology / Department of Engineering 
Location:Venus 3, Science & Engineering 
Office hours:By appointment via email 

Curriculum Vitae


1999 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS and MEng.

2007 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD

RU teaching record

2021-1T-620-FJAXFinance X
2021-1T-420-HONXDesign X
2021-1T-620-LIKXModelling X
2020-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2020-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2020-3T-806-INDEIndependent Project
2020-1VT HUN1013Design
2020-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2019-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2019-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2019-3T-732-ISITIntroduction to Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things
2019-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2019-1T-600-HAGXPractical Project X
2019-1VT HUN1013Design
2018-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2018-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2018-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2018-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2018-1VT HUN1013Design
2017-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2017-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2017-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2017-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2017-1VT HUN1013Design
2017-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2016-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2016-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2016-3AT TÆK1003Introduction to Engineering Design
2016-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2016-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2016-1VT HUN1013Design
2016-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2016-1T-812-INDEIndependent Project
2015-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2015-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2015-3AT TÆK1003Introduction to Engineering Design
2015-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2015-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2015-1VT HUN1013Design
2014-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2014-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2014-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2014-3T-629-URO1Undergraduate Research Opportunities I
2014-3T-629-URO2Undergraduate Research Opportunities II
2014-1T-428-EMIRElectro Mechanical Interactive Art
2014-1VT HUN1013Design
2014-1T-870-INTEIntegrated Project in Mechanical & Electrical Engineering
2013-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2013-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2013-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2013-1VT HUN1013Design
2012-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2012-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2012-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2012-3T-749-INDSIndependent Study 1
2012-1T-428-EMIRElectro Mechanical Interactive Art
2012-1VT HVV3003Practical Project III
2012-1VT HUN1013Design
2012-1T-420-HONXDesign X
2011-3T-865-MADEPrecision Machine Design
2011-3T-411-MECHMechatronics I
2011-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2011-1VT HUN1013Design
2011-1T-420-HONXDesign X


 My vision of a better world needs rapid prototyping and automation technology at a point where it is reasonable for an average educated person use.  Being able to try out ideas without going broke is the key to innovation in the field of Design.  An additional feature to be integrated into this research effort is tapping into waste streams to harvest raw material for making new prototypes.

These ideas go hand-in-hand with furthering collaboration between Artists and Engineers.  While working with such groups at Hakkavélin and Lorna Lab at Útgerin, this has become readily apparent.  We have successfully produced multiple interactive art installations that involve science and technology through the hard work of the  Hönnun 2011 class.