Haraldur Auðunsson, Associate Professor and Director of Teaching

School:School of Technology / Department of Engineering 
Location:Venus, 2nd floor 
Office hours:By appointment 
Phone:599 6478   Mobile: 825 6478 


1989 Oregon State University, USA - geophysics, Ph.D.
1981 University of Iceland, Department of Physics - geophysics, B.Sc.
1976 Kopavogur Grammar School - physics


2005-      Reykjavik University, associate professor, 
               School of Science and Engineering, director of Biomedical engineering
2003-05  Technical University of Iceland, associate professor, Department of health sciences
1993-03  Technical College of Iceland, assistant professor, Department of health sciences
1990-93  University of Iceland and Technical College of Iceland, part time teacher
1991       Oregon State University, research associate
1989-90  Oregon State University, post-doc
1981-89  Oregon State University, USA, research assistant
1979-81  Science Institute, University of Iceland, research assistant

RU teaching record

2020-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2020-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2019-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2019-3T-200-ERASErasmus+ Training on Decision Making and Leadership
2019-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2019-3T-860-IMAGMedical Imaging and Modelling
2019-1T-200-ERASErasmus+ Training on Decision Making and Leadership
2019-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2019-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2019-1T-600-STARInternship in BSc Engineering
2019-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2018-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2018-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2018-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2018-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2018-3T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2018-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2018-3T-860-IMAGMedical Imaging and Modelling
2018-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2018-3T-800-STARInternship in MSc Engineering
2018-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2018-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2018-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2018-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2018-1T-600-STARInternship in BSc Engineering
2017-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2017-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2017-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2017-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2017-3RI LOK1006Final Project
2017-3T-860-IMAGMedical Imaging and Modelling
2017-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2017-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2017-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2017-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2017-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2017-1T-806-INDEIndependent Project
2017-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2016-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2016-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2016-3AT TÆK1003Introduction to Engineering Design
2016-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2016-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2016-3T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2016-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2016-3T-800-STARInternship in MSc Engineering
2016-2T-623-INDEIndependent Project
2016-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2016-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2016-1T-860-RANNResearch Oriented Project in Biomedical Engineering
2016-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2016-1T-861-SPECSpecial Topics in Biomedical Engineering
2015-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2015-3T-102-EDL1Physics I
2015-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2015-3AT TÆK1003Introduction to Engineering Design
2015-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2015-3T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2015-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2015-3T-861-SPECSpecial Topics in Biomedical Engineering
2015-2T-202-EDL2Physics II
2015-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2015-1T-860-MALSSeminar in Biomedical Sciences
2015-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2015-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2015-1T-600-TOURStudy Tour
2015-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2015-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2015-1T-861-SPECSpecial Topics in Biomedical Engineering
2014-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2014-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2014-3AT TÆK1003Introduction to Engineering Design
2014-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2014-3T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2014-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2014-3T-860-RANNResearch Oriented Project in Biomedical Engineering
2014-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2014-3T-861-SPECSpecial Topics in Biomedical Engineering
2014-2T-202-EDL2Physics II
2014-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2014-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2014-1T-860-MALSSeminar in Biomedical Sciences
2014-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2014-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2014-1T-860-RANNResearch Oriented Project in Biomedical Engineering
2014-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2014-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2014-1T-861-SPECSpecial Topics in Biomedical Engineering
2013-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2013-3T-102-EDL1Physics I
2013-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2013-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2013-3T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2013-3T-899-MEI1MSc Thesis - Part I
2013-3T-900-MEI1MSc Thesis - Part I
2013-3T-860-RANNResearch Oriented Project in Biomedical Engineering
2013-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2013-2T-202-EDL2Physics II
2013-2T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2013-2T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2013-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2013-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2013-1T-860-MALSSeminar in Biomedical Sciences
2013-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2013-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2013-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2013-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2012-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2012-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2012-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2012-3T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2012-3T-860-RANNResearch Oriented Project in Biomedical Engineering
2012-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2012-2T-202-EDL2Physics II
2012-2T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2012-2T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2012-1BF AÐF1001Research Methods, Reports and Presentations
2012-1T-102-EDL1Physics I
2012-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2012-1T-860-MALSSeminar in Biomedical Sciences
2012-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2012-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2012-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2012-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2011-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2011-3R-M2Introduction to Earth Sciences
2011-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2011-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2011-2T-202-EDL2Physics II
2011-2T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2011-2T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2011-1BF AÐF1001Research Methods, Reports and Presentations
2011-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2011-1T-100-VESTFjarnám HS-VEST
2011-1T-866-GEOPApplied geophysics
2011-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2011-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2011-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2011-1T-901-MEISM.Sc. Thesis
2011-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2011-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2010-3T-102-EDL1Physics I
2010-3T-307-HEILPhysics III
2010-3T-100-VESTFjarnám HS-VEST
2010-3T-901-MEISM.Sc. Thesis
2010-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2010-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2010-3T-629-HEILInterdiciplinary Project in Health Science
2010-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2010-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2010-1T-860-MALSSeminar in Biomedical Sciences
2010-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2010-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2009-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2009-3T-102-EDL1Physics I
2009-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2009-2T-202-EDL2Physics II
2009-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2009-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2009-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2009-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2008-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2008-3T-102-EDL1Physics I
2008-1AT AÐF1003Research Methods in Engineering
2008-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2008-1G LOK 1012Final project
2008-1T-609-LAEKMedical Imaging
2008-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2008-1AT AÐF1013Statistics and Research Methods
2007-3AT AÐF1003Research Methods in Engineering
2007-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2007-3T-102-EDL1Physics I
2007-1AT AÐF1003Research Methods in Engineering
2007-1G LOK 1012Final project
2007-1F STÆ 4105Mathematics
2006-3AT AÐF1003Research Methods in Engineering
2006-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2006-3T-102-EDL1Physics I
2006-3G LOK 1012Final project
2006-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2006-1G LOK 1012Final project
2006-1G MYN 0003Digital Imaging
2006-1F STÆ 4105Mathematics
2005-3BT AÐF1001Research Methods in Engineering
2005-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2005-3H EÐL 1003Physics
2005-3F STÆ 4105Mathematics
2005-1G EÐL 2003Radiation Physics
2005-1UT LIF1003Bioinformatic
2004-3H EÐL 1003Physics
2004-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2004-3G MYN 0003Digital Imaging
2004-1G EÐL 2003Radiation Physics
2004-1UT KEM1003RUP, UML and Picture Processing
2003-5AT EÐL1003Physics
2003-5H EÐL 1003Physics
2003-5H EÐL 1004
2003-5G TÖL 1004Computers and Statistics
2003-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2003-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2003-3H EÐL 1003Physics
2003-3G TÖL 1004Computers and Statistics
2003-1F EÐL 2005Physics
2003-1F EÐL 2005Physics
2003-1G EÐL 2003Radiation Physics
2003-1UT KEM1003RUP, UML and Picture Processing
2002-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2002-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2002-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2002-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2002-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2002-3AT EÐL1003Physics
2002-3H EÐL 1003Physics
2002-3G TÖL 1004Computers and Statistics
2002-1G EÐL 2003Radiation Physics
2002-1UT KEM1003RUP, UML and Picture Processing

Subject field

Physics - application of physics in medicine (radiography) and in geophysics (geomagnetism).


Reviewed scientific papers

Kristjansson, L., and H. Audunsson, 2007.  Um segulstefnu í hraunlögum og óvissu í túlkun hennar (Accuracy of direction of remanent magnetization from lavas in Iceland), Tímarit um raunvisindi og stærðfræði (Scientific reviewed journal in Icelandic), 3, 1-9.  Article.

Kristjansson, L., Harðarson, B. og Audunsson, H., 2003. A detailed palaeomagnetic study of the oldest (≈15 Myr) lava sequences in Northwest Iceland, Geophysical Journal International, 155, 1-15.  Abstract.  Article.

Audunsson, H. og S. Levi, 1997. Geomagnetic fluctuations during a polarity transition, Journal of Geophysical Research, 102, 20259-20268.  Abstract 

Audunsson, H., S. Levi and F. Hodges, 1992. Magnetic Property Zonation in a Thick Lava Flow, Journal of Geophysical Research, 97, 4349-4360.  Abstract 

Levi, S., Audunsson, H., R. Duncan, Leó Kristjánsson, P.-Y. Gillot and Sveinn P. Jakobsson, 1990. Late Pleistocene geomagnetic excursion in Icelandic lavas: Confirmation of the Laschamp excursion, Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 96, 443-457.  Abstract Article.

Audunsson, H. and S. Levi, 1989. Drilling-induced remanent magnetization in basalt drillcores, Geophysical Journal International, 98, 613-622.  Abstract 

Audunsson, H. and S. Levi, 1988. Basement heating by a cooling lava: Paleomagnetic constraints, Journal of Geophysical Research, 93, 3480-3496.  Abstract 


Doctoral thesis

Paleomagnetism, magnetic properties and thermal history of a thick transitional-polarity lava, Ph. D. thesis, 1989, Oregon State University, Corvallis, USA, 265 pp.


Abstracts, posters and conference papers

Focusing on Creativity: Faculty Motivation in Teaching Brain-Storming and Creativity in an Introductory Course, Proceedings at the 12th International CDIO 2016 Conference, Turku University og Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland. Matthiasdottir, M., I. Saemundsdottir, H. Audunsson and H. Grimsdottir.

Pairwise Collaborative Quality Enhancement: Experience of two Engineering Programmes in Iceland and France, Proceedings at the 12th International CDIO 2016 Conference, Turku University og Applied Sciences, Turku, Finland. Rouvrais, S., H. Audunsson, I. Saemundsdottir, G. Landrac, and C. Lassudrie.

Introduction to Engineering as a Two-Phase Course, Proceedings at the 11th International CDIO 2015 Conference, Chengdu University of Information Technology, China. Audunsson, H., I. Saemundsdottir and A. Matthiasdottir. 

CDIO spirit in introductory physics courses in engineering, Proceedings at the 10th International CDIO 2014 Conference, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain, H. Audunsson and A. Manolescu.

Experience of interviewing stakeholders
, Proceedings at the 10th International CDIO 2014 Conference, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain, A. Matthiasdottir, I. Sæmundsdottir, Pall Jensson, H. Audunsson, J. Th. Snæbjornsson and Th. V. Fridgeirsson.

Measuring human power outdoors using GPS and heart rate, H. Audunsson, American Association of Physics Teachers, Summer meeting 2013, Portland, Oregon, USA, 2013.

Exploration techniques for locating offshore geothermal energy near Iceland, D. Atkins, and H. Audunsson, Proceedings, Thirty-Eighth Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering Stanford University, California, USA, 2013.

Go Ahead, Apply Your Physics, Haraldur Audunsson and Andrei Manolescu,  American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) Summer Meeting 2010, Portland, Oregon.

Um breytileika segulstefna innan íslenskra hraunlaga (Variation of directions of remanent magnetization in lavas in Iceland), L. Kristjansson and H. Audunsson, Náttúruvísindahús HÍ, Raunvísindaþing í Reykjavík 2006.  poster

Crustal magnetization and magnetic petrology from the IDDP-drilling RN-19 and its surrounding on theReykjanes peninsula, Iceland, F. Dietze, A. Kontny, C. Vahle and H. Audunsson, European Geosciences Union (EGU) General Assembly 2006, Vienna, Austria.  poster  

Variation of paleomagnetic Directions within Basalt Lavas in Iceland, Kristjansson og H. Audunsson, IAGA 2005 Scientific Assembly, Toulouse, France, 2005.

Paleomagnetic correlation of Miocene lavas sequences in northwest Iceland; L. Kristjansson, H. Audunsson og B. Hardarson, í Geophysical Research Abstracts, vol. 5, p. 5870, 2003. Annual meeting of the Europen Geophysical Society, Nice, France, 2003.

Bergsegulmælingar á hraunlögum úr sniðum norðvestantil á Vestfjörðum 1998-2001 (Paleomagnetism of lavas from Northwest Iceland); L. Kristjansson, H. Audunsson and B. Hardarson, í Ágrip erinda og veggspjalda á vorráðstefnu Jarðfræðafélags Íslands 2002, p. 35.

Segulmælingar á setlögum úr sniðum norðvestantil á Vestfjörðum 2001 (Paleomagnetism of sediments in north-west Iceland 2001); H. Audunsson, L. Kristjansson and B. Hardarson, í Ágrip erinda og veggspjalda á vorráðstefnu Jarðfræðafélags Íslands 2002, p. 18.

Notkun borsvarfs til að meta seguleiginleika dýpri jarðlaga (The use of drill chips to infer magnetic properties of the crust in Iceland); H. Audunsson, í Dagskrá og ágrip á vorráðstefnu Jarðfræðafélags Íslands 1993.

Segulsviðið á Íslandi á Þjóðveldisöld (The geomagnetic field in Iceland in the period 1000 AD-1200 AD); H. Audunsson, í Ágrip erinda á vorráðstefnu Jarðfræðafélags Íslands 1992.

Drilling induced remanent magnetization in basalt drillcores, EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 69, s. 1249; H. Audunsson and S. Levi, 1988.

The geomagnetic excursion at Skalamaelifell, Iceland: additional evidence for unstable geomagnetic bahaviour circa 40 ka ago, EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 68, s. 1249; S. Levi, H. Audunsson, R. A. Duncan and L. Kristjansson, 1987.

Basement heating of a cooling lava flow, EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 68, s. 46; H. Audunsson and S. Levi, 1987.

A partial geomagnetic transition recorded in a thick Miocene lava flow, EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 65, s. 870; H. Audunsson and S. Levi, 1984.

Textbooks and booklets (all are in Icelandic)

Digital imaging – introduction (Stafrænar myndir – inngangur), 123 pages (2006)
Problems in radiation physics (Verkefni í geislaeðlisfræði), 30 pages (2004)
Statistics – summary and problems (Tölfræði - samantekt og dæmasafn), 41 pages (2003)
Fourier analysis of time-series (Fouriergreining talnarunu), 18 pages (2002).
Review of mathematics for students in the health sciences at THI (Upprifjun og dæmasafn í stærðfræði fyrir nemendur í heilbrigðisdeild THÍ), 33 pages (2001).
Introduction to complex numbers (Inngangur að tvinntölum), 18 pages (1999)
Matrices and systems of equations (Fylki og jöfnuhneppi), 64 pages (1996)
The sine-function and periodic variations (Sínusfallið og lotubundnar breytingar), 17 pages (1996).


Reports (include)


An analysis of drilling induced remanence in the IRDP drill core, 13 p, 1990.

Role of viscous remanence in old Icelandic crust, 48 p, 1991.

Flökt segulsviðs jarðar á Íslandi síðastliðin tvö þúsund ár (Secular variations of the geomagnetic field in Iceland for the last 2000 years), 14 p, 1992.

Other published material


Welcome to ICET - International Students Guide, 58 p, with Steinunn Halldorsdottir and Bjorg Birgisdttir, 2000.

Leiðbeiningar um rannsóknarritgerðir í heilbrigðisdeild TÍ (Notes on writing scientific reports in Department of health sciences ICET), 20 p, with Thor Steinarsson, 1999.

Fréttabréf starfsmanna Tækniskólans (Newsletter for staff and faculty of ICET), editor of 17 newsletters published 1996-99. 
Bunch of opinions, reports, reviews and notes.

Heilbrigðisverkfræði, verkfræði mannslíkamans (Biomedical Engineering), short article, with Thordur Helgason, Morgunblaðið (newspaper), 29. May 2006.  See here