Jón Bjarnason

School:School of Technology / Department of Applied Engineering 
Location:Venus 2nd floor. 


2009     University of Iceland, Industry Engineering M.Sc. (Magister Scientiarum)
1996     University of Iceland, a certification for college teaching in mathematics, physics and computer science
1992     University of Iceland, Electricial Engineering C.Sc. (Candidatus Scientiarum).

Additionally I have finished few courses at the B.Sc. level in industry engineering as preperation for my M.S. education (2003-2004) and also few courses in computer science (1999).


2003-                 Reykjavík University, lecturer, adjunkt.
                            - see below 
2017-2018         Centralbank of Iceland, testmanager in the Draupnir project. 
2015-2017         Extreme Iceland ehf., programmer, C#, .Net, MVC, Angular programming.
2011-2014         Kvikna ehf and Medical Algorithms, quality and regulatory manager, C#, .Net, MVC programming.

1996-2006         VIASYS Healthcare Ísland ehf. and Taugagreining hf.  (Taugagreining was aquired by VIASYS Healthcare Inc. 2004), development, support and marketing of EEG systems and ICU monitors.  

My work included:
Software testing and quality assurance for Windows systems + related hardware testing.  From user interface to database and signal processing procedures testing. Programming of automation tests.  Technical input to marketing material.  Writing of user educational material.  Support and training of customers both in training courses or in visits to Europian hospitals. Management of user licenses.

1985-1996       Suðurland College, teacher.

- see below  

- College council 1994-1996 as one of two teachers representatives

RU teaching record

2020-3RI RAF1003Electric Circuits
2020-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2020-1RT RAS1003Electric Circuit Analysis
2019-3RI RAF1003Electric Circuits
2019-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2019-1RT RAS1003Electric Circuit Analysis
2018-3RI RAF1003Electric Circuits
2018-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2018-1RT RAS1003Electric Circuit Analysis
2017-3RI RAF1003Electric Circuits
2017-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2017-1RT RAS1003Electric Circuit Analysis
2016-3RI RAF1003Electric Circuits
2016-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2016-1T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2015-3RI RAF1003Electric Circuits
2015-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2015-1T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2014-3RI RAF1003Electric Circuits
2014-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2014-1T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2014-1RT RAF1003Electric Circuits
2013-3SG STÆ1000Fundamental Mathematics
2013-1T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2013-1RT RAF1003Electric Circuits
2012-1RT RAF1003Electric Circuits
2011-1T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2010-1T-102-EDL1Physics I
2010-1T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2009-3T-104-RAFFElectric Circuit Analysis
2009-3RT RAF1003Electric Circuits
2009-2T-202-EDL2Physics II
2009-1T-202-EDL2Physics II
2009-1T-211-LINALinear Algebra
2009-1T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2007-3RT RAF1003Electric Circuits
2007-3F STÆ 3005Mathematics
2007-1F-EDL-GRUSPhysics, introduction
2007-1UT MER1003Signal Analysis
2007-1T-104-RAFFElectric Circuit Analysis
2006-3T-306-MERKSignals and Systems
2006-3F STÆ 3005Mathematics
2006-3T-101-STA1Calculus I
2006-1UT MER1003Signal Analysis
2005-3F STÆ 3005Mathematics
2003-1T-211-LINALinear Algebra

Teaching outside RU

1985-1986         Sudurland College 
                               - Mathematichs, physics and computer programming.
1992-1996         Sudurland College 
                               - Mathematichs, physics and computer programming and usage. 
2004                    University of Iceland
                               - Introduction to EEG (electroenchepalongraphs), two day course for young students.


Subject field

Electrical engineering, software programming and testing, quality management, EEG systems.


Jón Bjarnason.  (2009).  A hyper-heuristic for one dimensional on-line bin packing problems using genetic programming.  Master thesis, University of Iceland, Industry engineering.