Þórður Víkingur Friðgeirsson, Assistant Professor

School:School of Technology / Department of Engineering 
Location:Nauthólsvík, Venus, 2nd floor 


2000. Aalborg University, MSc - Industrial Engineering

RU teaching record

2021-1T-706-INT1Internship in Engineering I
2021-1T-706-INT2Internship in Engineering II
2021-1T-305-PRMAProject Management
2021-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2020-3T-800-STARInternship in MSc Engineering
2020-1T-600-STARInternship in BSc Engineering
2020-1T-305-PRMAProject Management
2020-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2019-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2019-3T-200-ERASErasmus+ Training on Decision Making and Leadership
2019-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2019-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2019-3BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2019-1T-200-ERASErasmus+ Training on Decision Making and Leadership
2019-1T-305-PRMAProject Management
2019-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2018-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2018-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2018-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2018-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2018-3T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2018-1T-629-INDEIndependent Project
2018-1T-880-VMGAProject Management in Different Business Sectors
2018-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2017-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2017-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2017-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2017-3T-806-INDEIndependent Project
2017-3BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2017-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2016-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2016-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2016-3AT TÆK1003Introduction to Engineering Design
2016-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2016-3BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2016-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2016-1T-880-VMGAProject Management in Different Business Sectors
2016-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2015-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2015-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2015-3BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2015-1V-627-VERKProject Management
2015-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2014-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2014-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2014-3AT TÆK1003Introduction to Engineering Design
2014-3T-116-VERKIntroduction to Engineering Design
2014-3T-802-INDEIndependent Project
2014-3T-872-VSGAThe Project Office, Program Management and the Project Driven Organization
2014-3BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2014-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2014-1T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2014-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2014-1BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2013-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2013-3T-813-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2013-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2013-3C-NBR-SAVEPMD Lota 6
2013-3T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2013-1C-NBR-SAVEPMD Lota 6
2013-1T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2013-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2013-1BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2012-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2012-3T-813-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2012-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2012-3T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2012-1T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2012-1BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2011-3T-100-AFVVProject Work Methods
2011-3T-813-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2011-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2011-3BF HOP1001Teamwork and Communications
2011-3T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2011-1C-NBR-ADFADecision-making methods
2011-1T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2011-1T-305-PRMAProject Management
2011-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2011-1BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2010-3T-813-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2010-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2010-3BF HOP1001Teamwork and Communications
2010-3T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2010-2T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2010-1C-EIN-AKVTDecision Making Methods
2010-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2010-1T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2010-1T-818-REINResearch Initiation
2010-1T-305-PRMAProject Management
2010-1BF VER3000Project Management and Scheduling II
2010-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2010-1BF VER3003Project Management, Scheduling and Finance in Projects
2009-3T-801-RES1Research Methods I
2009-3T-813-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2009-3C-EIN-AKVTDecision Making Methods
2009-3C-DPL ÁÆTL
2009-3T-803-INTEIntegrating Project in Construction Management
2009-3BF HOP1000Groupwork and Communication
2009-3T-819-RANNResearch-Oriented Project in Construction Management
2009-3T-818-REINResearch Initiation
2009-2K-MeasureMeasuring Success
2009-1C-DPL ÁÆTL
2009-1T-305-PRMAProject Management
2009-1T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2008-3T-813-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2008-3T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2008-3V-852-PRMAProject Management
2008-3T-806-VERKProject Management II
2008-3T-803-VERKProject Management and Strategic Planning
2008-1T-603-AKVADecision Analysis for Management
2008-1V-627-VERKProject Management
2008-1T-802-VERKProject Management I
2007-3T-812-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2007-3V-852-PRMAProject Management
2007-3T-305-PRMAProject Management
2007-3T-806-VERKProject Management II
2007-1T-800-INTEIntegrating Project in Construction Managament
2007-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2007-1V-627-VERKProject Management
2007-1T-802-VERKProject Management I
2006-3T-812-RISKRisk Management and Decision Analysis
2006-3C-FJA-FRT Business finances
2006-3SR DIS6016Dissertation Project
2006-3SR LOK6016Final Project - B.Sc. Logistics
2006-3SR VER1003Project Management
2006-3T-305-PRMAProject Management
2006-1V-627-VERKProject Management
2006-1V-627-VERKProject Management
2006-1T-802-VERKProject Management I
2005-3SR VER1003Project Management
2005-1V-627-VERKProject Management
2003-1V-611-VESTLesnámskeið í verkefnastjórnun
2001-2T-303-HUGBSoftware Engineering
2000-2T-303-HUGBSoftware Engineering


A research study in collaboration with Ministry of Finance, Directorate of Transport, Icelandic Maritime Administration and Government Construction Contracting Agency. The life span of this study is 2-3 years. The outcome will be a forecast model to project risk and a set of guidelines to improve decisions, planning and progress tracking of public funded projects.
As part of this study, but though stand alone project,  a benchmark analysis is conducted on seven large energy and construction projects regarding disciplines of Risk Management in the planning and execution of projects. This will establish the gap between applied practices (as is) and best practices (to be).
A research study in collaboration with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Arctic Portal and IASC on the economical possibilities of Iceland, and other locations in the North Atlantic, due to increased industrial activities at the east coast of Greenland and the west coast of Russia and Norway. This will lead to increased maritime activity in the North and the forming of new strategies and forecast models to evaluate the econmical possibilites and threats dervived from the melting of the ice cap in the Arctic Ocean. The life span of this study is 2-4 years.

Subject field

Project Management

Risk Management

Decision Analysis

Business relations

 Board member of several private companies.

Active participant and consultant in several entrepreneur projects and programs.


Fridgeirsson, Thordur Vikingur. Risk, Decisons and Uncertainty (Áhætta, óvissa og ákvarðanir): Decisons under Uncertainty, JVP Publishing April 2008. ISBN 978-9979-656-70-8
 Fridgeirsson, Thordur Vikingur. Management in imes of Changes and Agility (Stjórnun á tímum hraða og breytinga), JPV Publishing April 2003. ISBN 9979-775-46-7 8
Fridgeirsson, Thordur Vikingur. How to Reduce Cost overruns in Public funded Projects. Chamber of Commerce September 2008. ISBN:978-9979-9795-7-9 8
Latest conference papers:
T. V. FRIDGEIRSSON; THE USE OF REFERENCE CLASSES TO FORECAST RISK AND UNCERTAINTY IN ICELANDIC PROJECTS. Proceedings of 5th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation. Reykjavík University, Iceland10-12 June 2009. Vol II pp 118-125.
Fridgeirsson, Thordur Vikingur. Improving the art of Project Management by applying procedures of Risk Management and Decision Analysis. Conference NORDNET 2007 Projects Under Risk, 2007. Icelandic Project Management Association