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Paolo Gargiulo is an Associated Professor and works at center of Medical Technology Center - Reykjavik University /University Hospital Landspitali. He studied at TU Wien and finished his PhD in 2008. He has have been active in the field of Clinical Engineering, medical image processing and 3-D modeling and tissue engineering. He developed at Landspitali a rapid prototyping service to support surgical planning with over 200 operation planned. He has published 59 papers in peer reviewed international journals and chapters in academic books. He is consultant of MedEl for the development of larynx pacemaker, he co-operating with Össur on the use of EEG to evaluate cortical reorganization in lower limb amputees, with Hjartavernd and NIH to study muscle atrophy or degeneration in aging associated to life styles and co-morbidities, and with Washington University (US) in Brain Modeling project. Since December 2013 Paolo Gargiulo is the director of the Institute of Biomedical and Neural Engineering and the Icelandic center of Neurophysiology.


1992 Qualified at the Technical institute of informatics and electronic “F. Giordani” Naples, Italy 2001 Graduated at the University of Naples “Federico II” Degree in Electronic engineers with specialization in Biomedical engineering 2001 Master thesis at Research and Development department, University Hospital Iceland: “Research and experimentation of telemedicine applications for seamen in the North Atlantic” 2008 PhD study at the Vienna University of Technology - TU Wien : “3D Modelling and Monitoring of Denervated Muscle under Functional Electrical Stimulation Treatment and Associated Bone Structural Changes”


2002- Landspitali, Clinical Engineering 2008- Assistant Professor School of Science and Engineering, Reykjavik University 2009- Consultant work for Med-el Hearing Implant Company 2014- Director of the Institute of Biomedical and Neural Engineering 2014- Promotion to Associate Professor 2015- Funding person for the Icelandic Centre of Neurophysiology

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2009-3T-621-CLINKlínísk verkfræði
2008-3T-610-STODStoðtæki og gervilíffæri

Viðurkenningar og styrkir

- 2007 Co-author in the winning paper at MIMICS Innovation award in Washington USA - 2008 Finalist for Student Innovation award (as supervisor) Nýsköpunarverðlaun forseta Íslands 2008 - 2012 Finalist for Student Innovation award (as supervisor) Nýsköpunarverðlaun forseta Íslands 2013 - 2013 Young scientist of the year at University Hospital Landspitali - 2015 1st price poster session in digital health MEIBIOENG2015 (UK Biomedical engineering society, annual meeting) -2016 1st Price, article at XIV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2016


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