Vaka Valsdóttir, Part time Lecturer

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Psychology 

RU teaching record

2020-1V-202-REGRManagerial Accounting
2020-1V-202-REGRManagerial Accounting
2020-1AI RGR1003Managerial Accounting
2019-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2019-3E-112-LIATBiology and Behaviour
2019-3E-411-RATOAdvanced Research Methods
2019-3E-510-ÖLDRPsychology of Aging: From Brain Health to Dementia
2019-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2019-1E-601-HUTACognitive Neuroscience
2018-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2018-3E-411-RATOAdvanced Research Methods
2018-1E-544-EEGPEEG in psychological research: operation and exposition of results
2018-1E-601-HUTACognitive Neuroscience
2018-1E-411-RATOAdvanced Research Methods