Ár1. ár
ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
Stig námsgreinar2. Grunnnám, framhaldsnámskeið
Tegund námskeiðsSkylda
UndanfararV-103-THAG, Þjóðhagfræði
V-107-FJAR, Fjármál fyrirtækja
SkipulagLectures and discussion groups
Már Wolfgang Mixa
Financial markets are important pillars in every civilized society. They facilitate economic activities and provide services and products to manage risks. It is important to understand the function of financial institutuions in order to be able to predict their reactions towards different economic events and how they will evolve over time. This course is set to support students in their learning of different theories of finance and how those theories are linked with financial history, the strengths and weaknesses of financial institutions, such as banks, insurance companies, stock and derivatives markets, and what the future holds for those institutions.
Know the interaction between financial markets and the economy. This entails how financial markets service the economy and enable economic growth but could also have negative effects.The main types of security markets and lending forms and the role the main financial institutions play in as intermediaries.What main concerns are the cornerstone of the valuation of assets.Provide economic rationales for the existence of financial markets and institutions and analyze the key functions and interrelations of the various financial markets and institutionsIdentify the economic importance of financial institutions and be able to understand and predict to some degree the economic effects of their failure.Analyze the determinants of level of interest rates; contrast the various theories of the term structure of interest rates, discuss the tools, role, goals and targets of central banks.Price the basic financial instruments in the various financial markets and evaluate the principal risks associated with them. Be able to identify both long term and short term risks and rewards and possible remedies to manage/hedge future financial unknowns.Analyze how new information affects the above considerations.Discuss and analyze the tools, main roles and targets of central banks, including reactions to changes in market and economic conditions.Discuss and debate the recent global trends in various financial markets. That includes both macro and micro considerations.Have an understanding of how changes in financial regulation may affect financial markets and the economy.Have an understanding of elements that may cause financial crisis and their effects. This includes an understanding of the state of financial markets during boom and bust periods.
Assignment and final exam
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4 lectures per week