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ÖnnHaustönn/Fall 2019
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K. Ravindran
With the lifting of currency controls, Icelanders can now freely trade in financial markets outside Iceland (e.g. US) using registered brokers.  As a consequence, there is great interest amongst investors, pension funds, traders, hedge funds to trade in liquid non-icelandic equity and fixed income markets so as to get returns better than what the Icelandic market affords.   The purpose of this course is to educate students on the nuances of the financial markets and the science of trading so as to enable a student to understand risk and reward using quantitative analysis.  With this backdrop, the course teaches students how to execute trading strategies under certain market conditions and adapt these strategies as the market conditions change.  Time permitting, we will also look at options based trading strategies and risk management (hedging) strategies.   •Introduction to financial markets •Technical Analysis vis-à-vis Fundamental Analysis •Understanding Risks and Rewards •Basic Trading and Hedging Strategies •Familiarity with RIT •Case Studies    
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 Class participation:  10% Quizzes: 3 – 5 (total worth of 30%) Group Project:  60%    Students missing a quiz without any medical reasons or prior permission from the instructor will receive a grade of 0%.  Students missing a quiz with valid reasons will have the opportunity to be have the quiz scores averaged out over the quizzes taken.    
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 In addition to the lectures on the fundamentals underlying trading, students can expect hands-on practice of strategy implementation using Rotman Interactive Trading portal (RIT) and spreadsheets. In addition, class discussion, quizzes and group projects will be used to emphasize certain aspects of the materials taught.