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ÖnnHaustönn/Fall 2019
Stig námskeiðsÓskilgreint
Tegund námskeiðsValnámskeið
UndanfararV-104-STÆR, Hagnýt stærðfræði I
V-107-FJAR, Fjármál fyrirtækja
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Einar Snær Ásbjörnsson
 This course will examine the most widely used methods of asset valuation, focusing on intrinsic valuation (discounted cash flow) and relative valuation (pricing using multiples). Tools for valuing all kinds of assets under various scenarios will be provided, although the focus will be on equities. The goal is to be able to identify which valuation methods are appropriate in each instance, apply the tools correctly and provide sound reasoning for any assumptions made. Main topics will include; discounted cash flow valuation, relative valuation, assessing risk, cost of financing and discount rates, measuring earnings, estimating growth and terminal value as well as coverage of different versions of useful valuation models. One group project, a firm valuation report, will be handed in at the end of the semester. Guest lecturers will make appearances if/when possible.
  Valuation lays the foundation for further studies in finance and related courses within Business Administration. The course‘s learning outcomes are divided into knowledge, skills and competence. Knowledge -          Students have obtained comprehensive knowledge of the primary methods, factors and processes for valuing companies -          Students have obtained interest and knowledge for reading financial news and can form opinions of their content and the influence they can have on market prices and company valuation Skills -          Students have obtained proficiency in valuing companies, constructing financial and operational plans, financial modelling and writing comprehensive valuation reports -          Students can use computer programs and calculators to set up valuations in an organised manner -          Students have obtained intuition to use databases and other services to find information on factors and assumptions that can affect valuation Competence -          Students can criticise and scrutinise assumptions and methods used for valuing companies -          Students can present and rationalise valuation conclusions
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