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ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
Stig námsgreinar3. Grunnnám, sérhæft námskeið
Tegund námskeiðsValnámskeið
UndanfararEngir undanfarar.
Brynjar Þór Þorsteinsson
The course covers main processes and philosophy of sales and sales management. How sales management can help in creating customer value. The course teaches how to develop, manage and motivate your sales force. Explores key issues and recent trends, such as team development, diversity in work force, sales force automation, CRM, inside sell and global selling. Basic negations skills are also a part of the course.
Students should know the basic processes of sales management and understand their purpose: •Understand and can analyse and explain the basic tasks of sales management •Know and can reflect on the key issues and recent trends in sales management, such as team development, diversity in work force, sales force automation, CRM, inside sell and global selling •Can explain and discuss the main concepts of recruitment and selection of sale oriented staff •Can show the main processes of sales performance management and training •Analyse the design and content of sales strategy and remember its application in practice Skills objectives: •Can name and use tasks related to sales management, such as recruitment and selection, performance management and sales force training •To get out to the field and use the content of the course manage a sales force •Able to develop a sales force and help them sell •Manage strategic account relationships •Can motivate and evaluate a sales force •Have developed analytical skills and presentation skills with class discussion and groupwork •Have developed critical proactive perspective that is built on positive and professional analysis of the main concepts and methods used in sales management •Can name the main concepts and reflect on sales management jobs
Four class exams (closed book, true-false and multiple choice or some short questions): 20%, two group projects: 30% (20% and 10%) and final exam: 50%.
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