Consumer Behavior


Ár1. ár
ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
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UndanfararEngir undanfarar.
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Jacob Lund Orquin
Consumer behavior is everywhere and the demand for consumer oriented thinking is ever increasing. In this course, we go through the fundaments of consumer behavior and try to understand the consumer both as an individual and in a group. The first part of the course is dedicated to the individual and the psychological factors that influence our behavior such as attention, learning, emotions etc. In the second part, we study consumer decision making, i.e. how consumers purchase products and services, and what factors influence their decisions. In the third part, we put consumer behavior in a practical context and study how companies and governments can influence and nudge consumers. We will also reflect on the ethical aspects of influencing consumer behavior.   
The student should be able to describe:
- The fundamentals of consumer psychology, including attention, perception, learning, memory,   attitudes, emotion and motivation.
- Tthe main theories of consumer decision making.
- How companies and governments use consumer behavior research to nudge and influence consumers.
- How consumers influence each other, the society, and the environment through their actions.
The student should be able to ability to apply knowledge to:
- Explain concrete examples of consumer behavior in behavioral and psychological terms.
- Predict how consumers will behave in a concrete situation based on consumer behavior theory. 
- Evaluate business and policy actions from a consumer perspective.
- Identify ways to influence or change consumer behavior.
The student should be able to apply knowledge and skills to:
- Adopt and advocate for consumer oriented thinking in business and policy situations.
- Provide input to the development of consumer products and services.
- Critically reflect on the ethicality of consumer related business and government actions.  

Ekkert skráð lesefni.
The course is based on lectures, group work, class discussion and individual exercises. Active participation is crucial to the learning outcome.