Advanced Business Informatics


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ÖnnHaustönn/Fall 2019
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Andrea Carugati
 The purpose of the course is to provide students with the ability to utilize information and information technology as an asset for the management of their organization. The following topics and concepts are covered: Challenges related to organizational transformations that derive from, or include, an IT component. Strategic initiatives that rely on the implementation of new enterprise systems or their renewal, including their adaptation to the age of big data. The first part of the course will focus on the specific characteristics of IT implementation, the challenges that organizations can expect, and the strategic opportunities opened up by such processes. The second part of the course will focus on information as an asset and the more complex effects of technology. Participants will familiarize with the methodologies, processes, architectures and technologies to transform data into information and information into knowledge. As a mirror to this activity the course explores the dark, unintended, consequences of IT use and how they can influence organizational decision-making. Finally, the course covers the dynamics of IT role in organizations: IT related change and IT project management.
Knowledge: Collection of facts, concepts, theories and techniques acquired by students. The student should: - Understand the role of IT as enabler of or brake to business strategy - Understand the role of governance on IT decisions - Understand the impact of process design and data design on the functioning of an organization - Understand the "dark side" of IT: control, surveillance, power - Understand the dynamics of IT related change Skills: The ability to apply knowledge to different tasks in the context of IT in organizations. The student should: - Identify the information needs of organizational decision makers - Identify potential optimization of the IT to support business strategy - Identify the impact of changes in IT for different stakeholders in a company. Competences: The ability to apply knowledge and skills in in the context of IT in organization. The student should: - Plan the role of IT in organizations - Address the informational needs of an organization through the selection and deployment of information systems. - Judge the influence of different types of enterprise information systems on processes and data.  

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