Staffing: from recruitment to termination


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ÖnnHaustönn/Fall 2019
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The purpose of this course is to build the participant´s ability to use good practices in staffing and workforce planning to build up a great team of employees. The course will emphasise reliable and valid methods and tools in all stages of personnel selection, whether internal or external or selecting employees out. Key labour law considerations and international comparisons in staffing practices and legal environments will be covered as well as ethical issues and dilemmas that may arise in staffing. The following topics and concepts are covered: The whole process of staffing and workforce planning will be covered, including external and internal recruitment, employer branding, job analysis, job design, job specifications, evaluation of candidates, decision making, contracting, retention, turnover, layoffs and alternative downsizing methods. Among key issues covered are causes and consequences of downsizing, survivor syndrome, staffing metrics and evaluation of selection success.
Knowledge: Collection of facts, concepts, theories and techniques acquired by students. The student should: -Understand and explain key theories, methods, frameworks and research findings relating to workforce planning, recruitment, selection and downsizing and the skills to apply them in different organizational contexts. -Understand key legal terms relating to staffing and how international labour law developments may affect hiring practices in different countries. Skills: The ability to apply knowledge to different settings of staffing processes. The student should: -Describe and apply key staffing models, concepts and strategies to various organizational settings. -Understand, critically analyse and respond objectively to key ethical issues and dilemmas that may arise in staffing. -Collect and analyse information from internal and external sources to undertake workforce planning and forecast labour force requirements and needs. Competences: The ability to apply knowledge and skills in staffing. The student should: -Develop and design staffing strategies in alignment with organizational HR strategy and business strategy, to ensure alignment between organizations and employees and between employees and jobs. -Critically evaluate the suitability of different methods and approaches to staffing in different internal and external contexts. -Develop, design and implement valid and reliable recruitment, selection and termination processes that abide with relevant labor legislation.

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