International Finance


Ár1. ár
ÖnnHaustönn/Fall 2019
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Thomas Walker
 The purpose of the course is to provide students with advanced knowledge of corporate finance and financial management in an international context and to enhance their skills and competences to apply this knowledge. The course focuses on financing and investment decisions in the international corporate context, including the financial risks associated with these decisions. The course provides an overview of international financial markets, international financial institutions, currencies and exchange rates as well as international capital flows. It focuses on risks related to international business activities, with emphasis on country risk and foreign exchange risk, and risk management in this regard. Beyond this, it discusses how to finance international operations and trade as well as international capital budgeting.
At the end of the course students possess in-depth knowledge of:
- international financial markets and institutions,
- country and foreign exchange risk including approaches to forecast exchange rates and exposure concepts,
- country and foreign exchange risk management including currency derivatives,
- international financing activities and capital structure decisions,
- international cost of capital calculations and capital budgeting, and
- foreign direct investments.

Students develop skills to:
- analyze a firm’s international activities with respect to international financial risks,
- identify, measure, and evaluate the impact of international financing activities on a firm´s capital structure and cost of capital,
- evaluate international investment opportunities, and
- recognize the limitations inherent in the theories discussed, including potential ethical conflicts, and the consequences of these limitations on the quality of decision making.

Students develop their competences to:
- identify financial challenges for international business activities,
- develop and justify appropriate solutions with respect to risk management, financing, and budgeting and implement these solutions in an international corporate context,
- evaluate strategies and measures in place and address necessary improvements, and
- reflect on the consequences of their decisions in the international corporate, economic, social, and ecological context.

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