Deildarforseti:Dr. Friðrik Már Baldursson
MCF í fjármálum fyrirtækja
FagréttindiMeistaragráða í fjármálum fyrirtækja
Skyldufag á brautKennslutungumál
Valfag á brautUndanfarar fyrir námskeið
Vorönn/Spring 2020
Nánari upplýsingarSamþætt verkefni I ; hugmynd og hönnunValnámskeiðT-800-INT18 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGlobal Issues in Travel and TourismValnámskeiðV-711-GLTT7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarConsumer BehaviorValnámskeiðV-712-COBE3,75 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarInnovation ManagementValnámskeiðV-713-INNM7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarEntrepreneurship and Innovation in ContextValnámskeiðV-715-ENIC3,75 Einingar
1. árPrenta
ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
Stig námskeiðsÓskilgreint
Tegund námskeiðsValnámskeið
UndanfararEngir undanfarar.
SkipulagEkkert skráð skipulag.
Bala Murughan Kamallakharan
The course covers the fundamental concepts of how to start a startup. The objective of this class is to change the mindset that entrepreneurship, starting and running your own business is risky and only a selected few can do it. Student will leave the class with the mindset that entrepreneurship is a viable career choice. At the end of this class, students should feel that they have the tool set, knowledge and practical know-how on how to start a startup. The class will also showcase the “Whys” and “Hows” of building a business, the sequence of building a business and challenge the students to actually take the plunge in doing the actual task of building a business. The classroom sessions will be more run like workshops where all the students are participating in the activity on schedule.
The class will challenge students to think like a contrarian in building a business using the approach of startup thinking. The conventional wisdom on how to build a business does not work in the context of hyper competition and globalization. The challenge is not limited to businesses; the challenge is applicable to every person. Everyone can be a startup founder and entrepreneur; actually we all were before the agrarian and the industrial revolution. The notion of a job was non-existent. We will explore how anyone can build a unique and valuable business as long as they subscribe to the notion that it has to be something different, unique but grounded in the present. Future will not get automatically better, it gets better through the collective efforts of founders and entrepreneurs who move the human race forward and we will explore the methodologies that allows us to learn the path of company building.

 The student should be able to describe:
- The concept of startup thinking or entrepreneurship
- The concept of innovation and technology
- The scope of innovation and technology in the context of starting a new ventureThe student should be able to ability to apply knowledge to:
- Come up with new ideas to solve problems in the context of starting a business
- Build teams
- Apply technology to build products and services
- Articulate and clarify the problems and solutions in the context of a startup or a business
- Apply the sequence of how to build a startup
- Build traction for their products and services
- Build a business modelThe student should be able to apply knowledge and skills to:
- Start their own venture
- Build a value proposition for a problem in the context of entrepreneurship
- Pitch and present their startup or business
Class participation, Team self assessment, Blog posts and grading on final presentation
- Personal Blog, Brand creation and quality of questions in the classroom (20%)
- 1 page narratives on each of the above topics through their personal blog (30%)Group (50%)
- Build a team and a company website (5%)
- Build a fan base for the product (10%)
- Build a company pitch deck (10%)
- Completed Business Model Canvas (5%)
- Completed Value Proposition Design (5%)
- Decide on CEO, COO, CTO and CMO and narrate the thinking behind the decision (1%)
- Decide on how the Stock of the company should be split and narrate the thinking behind the decision (1%)
- How does the team allocate the stock option pool and narrate the thinking behind the decision (1%)
- Narrative on building a company culture (2%)
- Narrative on the ideal operating system (culture, habits, rituals) for the company (10%)
Ekkert skráð lesefni.
Lectures, workshops, blog writing, project work and final presentation
Nánari upplýsingarBusiness Process ManagementValnámskeiðV-716-BPMA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarFixed Income AnalysisValnámskeiðV-716-FINC3,75 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarManagement controlValnámskeiðV-717-CPMA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarImplementation of information systemsValnámskeiðV-717-IMIS3,75 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarEntrepreneurial FinanceSkyldaV-733-ENTR7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarInternational and labour economicsValnámskeiðV-733-ILEC7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBranding and Strategic MarketingValnámskeiðV-741-BRAN7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarStrategic HRM and MetricsValnámskeiðV-745-STRA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBusiness Research MethodologyValnámskeiðV-746-REME7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarInternshipValnámskeiðV-748-INTE7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarCases in corporate financeSkyldaV-763-COR27,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGerð reikningsskila og staðlar um reikningsskil IIValnámskeiðV-765-FIR27,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarApplied DerivativesSkyldaV-766-APDE7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarConsolidated Financial StatementsValnámskeiðV-767-SARE7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBusiness research methodology in accounting and financeValnámskeiðV-782-BRMA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBusiness Intelligence and AnalyticsValnámskeiðV-784-REK57,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarFélaga- og fjármunarétturValnámskeiðV-802-BULA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarTourism MarketingValnámskeiðV-840-TOMA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarTraining and DevelopmentValnámskeiðV-840-TRDE3,75 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarReikningshald, afleiður og aðrir fjármálagerningarValnámskeiðV-871-AFLE7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarSkiptinámValnámskeiðX-699-EXCH30 Einingar
Sumarönn/Summer 2020
Nánari upplýsingarTrends in Hospitality ManagementValnámskeiðV-721-TRHM7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarAccounting Fraud and ForensicsValnámskeiðV-722-AFOR7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarSustainable Tourism Development and InnovationValnámskeiðV-725-SUTO7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarNegotiations and SalesValnámskeiðV-744-NEGO7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarInternshipValnámskeiðV-748-INTE7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarThe Finance underlying Blockchain and CryptocurrencyValnámskeiðV-749-FIBC7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarCross-cultural CommunicationValnámskeiðV-756-CRCO7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarManagement AccountingValnámskeiðV-793-MAAC7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarUpplýsingatækni í reikningshaldiValnámskeiðV-804-INTA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarSustainable LeadershipValnámskeiðV-836-SLEA3,75 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarVenture CapitalSkyldaV-875-VENT7,5 Einingar