Deildarforseti:Dr. Jón Þór Sturluson
BSc í viðskiptafræði með tölvunarfræði sem aukagrein
Skyldufag á brautKennslutungumál
Valfag á brautUndanfarar fyrir námskeið
Haustönn/Fall 2023
Nánari upplýsingarHagnýt viðskiptakerfi (ERP)SkyldaI-406-IERP6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarTölvuhögunValnámskeiðT-107-TOLH6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarForritunSkyldaT-111-PROG6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarVerklegt námskeið 1SkyldaT-113-VLN16 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGagnaskipanValnámskeiðT-201-GSKI6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGreining og hönnun hugbúnaðarSkyldaT-216-GHOH6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHugbúnaðarfræðiSkyldaT-303-HUGB6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarÞjóðhagfræðiSkyldaV-103-THAG6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHagnýt stærðfræði ISkyldaV-104-STÆR6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMarkaðsfræði ISkyldaV-105-MAR16 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarFjármál fyrirtækjaSkyldaV-107-FJAR6 Einingar
1. árPrenta
ÖnnHaustönn/Fall 2023
Stig námskeiðsÓskilgreint
Tegund námskeiðsSkylda
UndanfararV-104-STÆR, Hagnýt stærðfræði I
V-303-TOL1, Hagnýt tölfræði I
SkipulagEkkert skráð skipulag.
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The course covers the fundamental concepts of corporate finance. Based on the time value of money the course discusses key instruments in equity and debt financing and their valuation. This includes a discussion of the relationship between risk and return and key theories in that respect. The course also focuses on capital budgeting and its practical application. The capital structure choice is discussed in both perfect and imperfect market settings. This includes the impact of, e.g., taxes, financial distress, conflicts of interests and agency problems as well as a discussion of ways to influence the capital structure including issuance of securities and payout policies. The course also discusses the limitations of the key theories applied in corporate finance with regard to potential ethical conflicts.
At the end of the course students possess fundamental knowledge of
  •  corporate financing instruments and their valuation,
  •  the main theories on the relationship between risk and return from a stockholder’s and a bondholder’s perspective,
  • perfect financial markets and market imperfections,
  • capital budgeting,
  • capital structure theories,
  • conflicts of interests and agency problems,
  • issuance of securities, and
  • payout policies.
Students develop their skills to
  • calculate present and future value of cash flows and financial return measures,
  • apply financial theories to infer the cost of capital for both equity and debt  
  • analyze a firm’s capital structure and financing decisions and identify ways for improvement
  • recognize the limitations inherent in the theories discussed, including potential ethical conflicts.
Students develop their competences to
  •  participate in corporate financial decision making,
  •  identify financial challenges and find and justify appropriate solutions,
  •  reflect on the consequences of their decisions in the corporate, economic, social and ecological context, and
  •  participate in discussions about corporate finance.
  • Group Assignments (24%)
3 group assignments. Weight of each of the 3 assignments in the final grade: 8%. Groups will consist of four to five students each. Answers to the assignments are to be submitted electronically in Canvas. The students can expect individual questions to any or all the members of the group. The lecturer also has the right to give individual members within the group different grades if their contribution is not approximately equivalent.
  • Mini assignments (20%)
7 individual 15-minute online mini assignments; out of the 7 mini assignments the best 5 mini assignments will be taken for final grading. Weight of each of the 5 mini assignments in the final grade: 4%. Each mini assignment will consist of 2 or 3 questions. Questions can be multiple choice or open questions. 
  • Midterm exam (16%)
???????Individual 60-minute exam. The exam will consist of 5 main questions with potentially several sub-questions each. Details tba.
  • Final exam (40%)
???????Individual 120-minute exam. The exam will consist of 10 main questions with potentially several sub-questions each. Details tba.
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This course V-107-FJAR Corporate Finance is a 6 ECTS-credit undergraduate level course offered through the Department of Business Administration. Weekly teaching sessions two times a week for 12 weeks and weekly tutorials/problem solving sessions. 
Nánari upplýsingarReikningshaldSkyldaV-108-REHA6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarLífið í háskóla - Velgengni í námi og starfiSkyldaV-111-LIFE1 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHvernig skara ég framúrSkyldaV-300-SKAR0 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGerð og greining ársreikningaSkyldaV-307-GARS6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarAlþjóðaviðskiptiValnámskeiðV-308-ALVI6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarApplied Game TheoryValnámskeiðV-332-AGTH6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHagnýt tölfræði IISkyldaV-406-TOL26 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarAðferðafræðiSkyldaV-502-ADFR6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarFjármálakeppni Rotman í TorontoValnámskeiðV-505-ROTM6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMannauðsstjórnunValnámskeiðV-511-STST6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarVirðismatValnámskeiðV-517-VIRD6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarVirðismatValnámskeiðV-517-VIRD6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarÞjónustustjórnunValnámskeiðV-522-SERV6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMarkaðs- og viðskiptarannsóknirSkyldaV-528-MAVI6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarCircular EconomyValnámskeiðV-635-CIEC6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarVörumerkjastjórnunValnámskeiðV-644-BRAN6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarStarfsnámValnámskeiðV-667-STNA6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMoral Profit – Sustainability Seen From a Global PerspectiveValnámskeiðV-677-MOPR6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBSc-ritgerðSkyldaV-699-RITG12 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarSkiptinámValnámskeiðX-699-EXCH30 Einingar
Vorönn/Spring 2024
Nánari upplýsingarViðskiptagreindSkyldaI-707-VGBI6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGagnaskipanValnámskeiðT-201-GSKI6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGagnasafnsfræðiSkyldaT-202-GAG16 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarVefforritunSkyldaT-213-VEFF6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarVerklegt námskeið 2SkyldaT-220-VLN26 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarRekstrarhagfræði ISkyldaV-201-RHAG6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarRekstrargreiningSkyldaV-202-REGR6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarStjórnunSkyldaV-203-STJ16 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarStærðfræði IIValnámskeiðV-204-MAII6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarLífið í háskóla - Velsæld 1SkyldaV-212-LIFV1 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHagnýt tölfræði ISkyldaV-303-TOL16 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarRekstrarstjórnunSkyldaV-311-OPMA6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarStrategy SimulationValnámskeiðV-413-STSI6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarViðskiptasiðfræði og samfélagsábyrgðSkyldaV-514-VISI6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarSjálfbærni, UFS og sjálfbær fjármálValnámskeiðV-576-SESG6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarEignastýringValnámskeiðV-601-EIGN6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarAtferlishagfræðiValnámskeiðV-622-BEEC6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarRekstrarhagfræði IISkyldaV-625-REII6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarSölustjórnunValnámskeiðV-633-SOST6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarCircular EconomyValnámskeiðV-635-CIEC6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGerð markaðsáætlunarValnámskeiðV-649-STMP6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarStarfsnámValnámskeiðV-667-STNA6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBSc-ritgerðSkyldaV-699-RITG12 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækjaSkyldaX-204-STOF6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarSkiptinámValnámskeiðX-699-EXCH30 Einingar