Deildarforseti:Dr. Friðrik Már Baldursson
BSc í hagfræði og stjórnun
FagréttindiBSc í hagfræði og stjórnun
Skyldufag á brautKennslutungumál
Valfag á brautUndanfarar fyrir námskeið
Haustönn/Fall 2020
Nánari upplýsingarÞjóðhagfræðiSkyldaV-103-THAG6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHagnýt stærðfræði ISkyldaV-104-STÆR6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMarkaðsfræði IValnámskeiðV-105-MAR16 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarFjármál fyrirtækjaSkyldaV-107-FJAR6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarReikningshaldSkyldaV-108-REHA6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarÞjóðhagfræði IISkyldaV-204-THII6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHagrannsóknir ISkyldaV-210-ECON6 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarHagrannsóknir IISkyldaV-231-ECOM6 Einingar
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ÖnnHaustönn/Fall 2020
Stig námskeiðsÓskilgreint
Tegund námskeiðsSkylda
UndanfararEngir undanfarar.
SkipulagEkkert skráð skipulag.
Ewa Ryszarda Lazarczyk Carlson
 Econometrics literally means “measurement in economics” and it has become an essential part of every economist’s training. It allows to quantify and evaluate economic theories and is widely used for evidence-based policies where inferences about various phenomena have to be drawn from non-experimental data. “Theoretical economics may suggest that there is a relationship between some variables, but applied economics demands both evidence that this relationship is a real one, observed in everyday life, and quantification of the relationship between the variables.”[1]
 Knowledge: Students should know the basic econometric methods to handle cross-sectional data. These include:
  • The method of linear regression (K1),
  • Methods: difference in difference, regression discontinuity, fixed effects (K5)
  • Assumptions necessary to perform regression analysis (K2),
  • Basic test necessary to verify the fit of the model (K3),
  • Interpretation of the results (K4),
  •   Skills: Students should know how to use econometric methods to analyze data. That means that students should be able to:
  • Choose the appropriate method for the data at hand (S1),
  • Use it to analyze the data (S2),
  • Interpret the results (S3).
  • Students should become familiar with using a chosen statistical package (SPSS will be the program used in class) (S4).
  •   Competences:
  • Students should be able to use econometric models for decision-making (C1),
  • Be able to judge the adequacy of the method used for analysis (C2),
  • Be able to read simple research papers that use these methods (C3),
  • Be able to present the research results in a comprehensible and brief way (C4).
    Ekkert skráð námsmat.
    Ekkert skráð lesefni.
     Lectures will take place twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). Tuesdays’ lectures will be organized as typical lectures where teacher presents material and relevant examples. Most of the content of Tuesdays´ lectures will be available on slides that will be uploaded on Tuesday’s mornings. However, there will be additional examples that will be solved on the board and they will not be part of slides. Students are required to take notes. Thursdays’ lectures will be organized as problem solving sessions (called Exercise Session in the Study Plan). Students will be presented with a number of exercises covering material discussed in class and they will be required to work on those during the class. It is advisable that students bring the book and lecture notes to these sessions. In total, there will be eight Exercise Sessions. After the end of the class each student is required to upload/send by email an answer sheet/Exercise Session Report to the teacher. The precise way of uploading/sending the report will be explained later in the class. These reports will only receive grade of Pass+, Pass or Fail. In order to get Pass+ all answers have to be correct, in order to pass (receive Pass) more than 50% of the answers need to be correct. The detailed schedule will be found in this document. Please be aware that it might be prone to changes and updates during the semester. The course does not require much learning by heart. Instead it relies heavily on your ability to understand the topics covered and your ability to use relevant methods where needed. To acquire that level of knowledge, skills and competences requires that you take an active role in your studies throughout the course. The assignments in the textbook, material covered in lectures and assignments for problem solving sessions will be equally covered in the final.
    Nánari upplýsingarHvernig skara ég framúrSkyldaV-300-SKAR0 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarGerð og greining ársreikningaSkyldaV-307-GARS6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarApplied Game TheorySkyldaV-332-AGTH6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarSaga hagfræðikenninga og hagrænnar hugsunarSkyldaV-341-ETET6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarHagnýtt verkefni í hagfræðiSkyldaV-342-APEC6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarAðferðafræðiSkyldaV-502-ADFR6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarFjármálakeppni Rotman í TorontoValnámskeiðV-505-ROTM6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarMannauðsstjórnunSkyldaV-511-STST6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarVirðismatValnámskeiðV-517-VIRD6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarVirðismatValnámskeiðV-517-VIRD6 Einingar
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    Nánari upplýsingarSkiptinámValnámskeiðX-699-EXCH30 Einingar
    Vorönn/Spring 2021
    Nánari upplýsingarRekstrarhagfræði ISkyldaV-201-RHAG6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarRekstrargreiningSkyldaV-202-REGR6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarStjórnunValnámskeiðV-203-STJ16 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarStærðfræði IISkyldaV-204-MAII6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarFjármál hins opinbera og almannavalfræðiSkyldaV-235-PFPC6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarHagnýt tölfræði ISkyldaV-303-TOL16 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarRekstrarstjórnunSkyldaV-311-OPMA6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarAtferlishagfræði og fjármálasagaValnámskeiðV-512-BEFH6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarViðskiptasiðfræðiSkyldaV-514-VISI6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarRekstrarhagfræði IISkyldaV-625-REII6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarSmart CitiesValnámskeiðV-634-SMCI7,5 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarStraumlínustjórnunValnámskeiðV-687-LEAN6 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarBSc-ritgerðSkyldaV-699-RITG12 Einingar
    Nánari upplýsingarNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækjaSkyldaX-204-STOF6 Einingar