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Dean:Dr. Friðrik Már Baldursson
MSc in Corporate Finance
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Education cycle2
Degree titleMaster in Corporate Finance
Mandatory course on majorTeaching language
Optional course on majorPrerequisites for course
Haustönn/Fall 2019
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SemesterFall 2019
Level of courseN/A
Type of courseElective
PrerequisitesNo prerequisites.
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Auður Arna Arnardóttir
General description Performance Management is the ongoing process of setting objectives and assessing individual and collective behavior and achievements during a finite period of time. The performance management process goes from the macro level (e.g. organizational strategy) to the micro levels (e.g. individual performance improvements), and can be considered to be a four strep process. First, identifying and measuring employee performance, and secondly, diagnosing strengths and possible problems in individual and team performance (e.g. gap analysis). Thirdly it requires giving performance feedback, and finally it requires active steps to strengthen or improve individual or team performance. Performance management is hence primarily about measuring and counseling/giving feedback on ways to improve performance at an individual and team level, and the quality of work relationship. Performance improvement results from people being clear about organizational priorities and objectives and ability to tie that knowledge in with their individual and team priorities and objectives. They are further clear on what skills need to be enhanced, and which types of behavior can help to the end of reaching those priorities and objectives. This comes from open, positive, and constructive discussion between supervisors, individuals and teams, and agreement on how to focus on doing the job better. In the appraisal process, a manager evaluates, coaches, counsels, and develops subordinates on a continuing basis throughout the reporting period, usually one year. The class further focuses on several factors that can influence the process, such as rater errors in performance measurement, electronic monitoring of performance, structured performance improvement programs, and how managers coaching and counseling skills can be improved.
Learning outcome - Objectives
Knowledge /Skills Performance Management  Understand the role of performance management for organizational strategy and management  Explain the relationship between organizational objectives and performance management  Describe, identify and critique objective measures of performance  Understand different sources of information (e.g. Managers, peers, subordinates, ...)  Understand rater errors in performance measurement  Understand multi-dimensional models of job performance  Describe competencies and their use in performance management  Describe and evaluate methods of performance appraisal  Understand the importance of goal setting, feedback (appraisal and corrective feedback) and intervention in performance management  Understand how goal setting and feedback can be made more effective in performance management  Describe coaching as a performance improvement intervention  Understand and be able to diagnose performance problems      Evaluate the reasons for employee poor performance and/or absence and identify a range of managerial interventions  Understand when disciplinary proceedings might be invoked in performance disputes  Understand Performance Improvement Programs   Motivation  Understand and be able to define motivation at work  Understand and evaluate need theories of motivation  Understand and evaluate the trait perspective of motivation  Understand and evaluate cognitive theories of motivation: Expectancy theory and Goal setting theory  Understand and evaluate reinforcement theories  Understand how perceptions and equity of different aspects of work affect motivation  Understand the Job Characteristics Model  Understand how motivation can be enhanced through job design   Difficult employees  Define the concepts of stress and engagement at work  Identify the key causes of stress and engagement at work  Understand how to reduce stress and increase engagement at work  Understand Wellness programs / employee assistance programs  Understand and evaluate org. bullying   Incentives, Rewards, Benefits  Understand the use of Compensation  Employee benefits Skills in general  That students can support own reasoning in project outcomes by good use of established knowledge base in the subject areas of performance management.  That students have increased skills in dealing with performance management, through observations, analysis and experimentations. Ability in general  That students can actively show established ability through written and verbal case analysis where the emphasis is on students´ ability to judge, argue, decide, devise, discriminate, plan and predict from material presented or collected.
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Language of instructionEnglish
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