Department of Engineering
Dean:Dr. Ágúst Valfells
MSc in Sustainable Energy Science - Iceland School of Energy
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Mandatory course on majorTeaching language
Optional course on majorPrerequisites for course
Haustönn/Fall 2019
More infoEnergy Field SchoolCoreSE-801-ES1ECTS 6
More infoEnergy TechnologyCoreSE-802-ET1ECTS 6
More infoEnergy GeologyElectiveSE-803-GE1ECTS 3
More infoEnergy EconomicsCoreSE-805-EC1ECTS 6
More infoEnergy EconomicsCoreSE-805-EC1ECTS 6
More infoEnvironmental ImpactElectiveSE-806-EI1ECTS 6
More infoSpecial Topics in EngineeringElectiveSE-807-STEECTS 6
More infoResearch Methods IElectiveT-801-RESMECTS 4
More infoEnergy in Industrial ProcessesElectiveT-863-EIIPECTS 8
More infoHigh Voltage EngineeringElectiveT-866-HIVOECTS 8
More infoPower System OperationElectiveT-867-POSYECTS 8
More infoLinear Dynamical SystemsElectiveT-868-LISYECTS 8
More infoMSc ThesisCoreT-900-MEISECTS 30
Vorönn/Spring 2020
More infoSustainability in the world of mass production - WorkshopElectiveT-600-PROXECTS 6
More infoProject Management and Strategic PlanningElectiveT-803-VERKECTS 8
More infoWater Supply and Wastewater DisposalElectiveT-806-VAFRECTS 6
More infoSustainable Engineering and the EnvironmentElectiveT-845-UMHVECTS 8
More infoWind PowerElectiveT-863-WINDECTS 8
More infoNumerical fluid flow and heat transferElectiveT-864-NUFFECTS 8
More infoElectrical Power Systems IIElectiveT-866-EPS2ECTS 6
More infoSmart-Grid and Sustainable Power SystemsElectiveT-867-GRIDECTS 8
More infoStability and Control in Electric Power SystemsElectiveT-867-STABECTS 8
More infoMSc ThesisCoreT-900-MEISECTS 30