Tigran Tonoyan, nýdoktor

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Kennsluferill í HR

2018-3T-775-DECODistributed Computing
2017-3T-755-PRCOSlembiaðferðir í tölvunarfræði


Universal Framework for Wireless Scheduling Problems. (with E.I. Asgeirsson and M.M. Halldorsson) In ICALP 2017 (Best Paper of Track C).


Dynamic Adaptation in Wireless Networks under Comprehensive Interference via Carrier Sense. (with M.M. Halldorsson, Y. Wand and D. Yu) In IPDPS 2017.


Wireless Link Capacity under Shadowing and Fading. (with M.M. Halldorsson) In MobiHoc 2017.


Aggregation Rate for Compressible Functions (Poster). (with M.M. Halldorsson) In MobiHoc 2017.


Brief Announcement: Data Dissemination in Unified Dynamic Wireless Networks. (with M.M. Halldorsson, Y. Wand and D. Yu) In PODC 2016.


The Price of Local Power Control in Wireless Scheduling. (with M.M. Halldorsson) In FSTTCS 2015.


Limitations of Current Wireless Scheduling Algorithms. (with M.M. Halldorsson and C. Konrad) In ALGOSENSORS 2015.


How Well Can Graphs Represent Wireless Interference? (with M.M. Halldorsson) In STOC 2015. arXiv


Conflict Graphs and the Capacity of the Mean Power Scheme. Theor. Comput. Sci. 608, 2015 (Conference version in ALGOSENSORS 2013).


Bounds and Algorithms for Scheduling Transmissions in Wireless Networks. PhD thesis (link), University of Geneva, 2013.


Low Radiation Paths in Wireless Networks Pass along Voronoi Diagram. (with H. Aslanyan and J.D.P. Rolim) In SoftCom 2013.


    A better exposition of the following results can be found in my PhD thesis.

Comparing Schedules in the SINR and Conflict-Graph Models with Different Power Schemes. In ADHOC-NOW 2013.


On Some Bounds on the Optimum Schedule Length in the SINR Model.  In ALGOSENSORS 2012.


The Capacity of Oblivious Powers.  In ALGOSENSORS 2011.


Algorithms for Scheduling with Power Control in Wireless Networks. 

In TAPAS 2011.