Björgvin Ægir Richardsson, verkefnastjóri

Deild:Gæði / Rannsóknarþjónusta 
Sími:5996437   GSM: 8256437 



B.Sc. Biology, University of Iceland 1987.

International Delegate Training – Icelandic Red Cross 1996.
Managers of the future, IMG Capacent & University of Iceland 2005-6.
Extensive training in Search and Rescue work, from first aid to operational management.
Programme Administrator, Research Services, RU.
2006 - 2011
Head of Alliances, deCODE Genetics. Management in the field of Research collaboration for projects with Research Grants from EC and NIH. Support to the companies scientist writing grant applications, negotiation with funding agencies, contract execution and management of projects progress.
1997 - 2006
Director of Genetic Service Facility, deCODE Genetics, Inc. Responsible for the labs expansion and integration of technologies. Interaction with other divisions, groups, core facilities, manufacturers (equipment & chemicals) and senior management was also extensive in terms of planning, reporting, analyzing and negotiating.
1996 - 1997
Freelance writer (two books), mountain guide, contractor and consultant.
1992 - 1996
Full time employee for Association of Icelandic Rescue Teams. Head Master for the Rescue Training School. Overview of education for all the Rescue Teams, strategic planning and foreign contacts for advanced programming.
1986 - 1992
Part-time coordinator and educator for Association of Icelandic Rescue Teams, Rescue Training School. Setting up courses and strategizing marketing of them.
1986 - 1992
Research associate, University of Iceland, Department of Physiology. Research on Fish- and human Physiology, various projects, internally and in cooperation with other Institutes and Universities in Iceland and Scandinavia.
Part-time teacher in Physiology, UI for same period.