Hrefna Sigríður Briem, forstöðumaður BSc-náms í viðskipta- og hagfræði

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2015 -   2016            IESE University, Barcelona Spain

Advanced Management program (AMP)


2002 - 2004       University of Iceland

M.Sc. in Business Administration

1999 - 2002    University of Iceland

B.Sc. in Business Administration


Work Experience

2007 -               Reykjavik University

Director of B.Sc. program in Business and Economics/ Forstöðumaður B.Sc. náms í viðskipta- og hagfræði

Responsible for the daily management of the program, its development and quality assurance and strategic planning. Recruitment of teachers and arrangement of courses

·         Teaching at undergraduate level: Strategic Management, Human Resource Management, Change management and Entrepreneurship and Starting New Ventures

·         Teaching at graduate level: Consultancy, Change and Organizational development for the School of Engineering 

·         Supervision of undergraduate research projects per year

·         Chairman of Program Council

·         Member of Faculty Council

·         Member of RU Curriculum Council

·         RU’s representative on the Educational Quality Committee at the Technical College (Diploma degree)

·         RU’s representative on the board of Festa - Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility 

  •        Member of committees and project groups involving cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture
  • European foundation for management development (EFMD), Belgium. Academic EPAS Reviewer. EPAS is an international accreditation system operated by EFMD. It evaluates the quality of university education programs offered by business school

·         Leader of project group cooperating with the organization EFMD on RU’s EPAS accreditation. See:

·         RU’s delegate at numerous International conferences and workshops


2004 - 2007       BYR Savings Bank

Corporate Accounts

My responsibilities included professional consultation to clients, which are firms, associations and other business entities. Furthermore approving loans and lines of credit, payment and collection schedules.


2004                 Husasmidjan

Analyst/Project work 

Husasmidjan services and sells products for the construction and home improvement sector. Responsibilities included analyzing market- and financial information as well as creating long term cost predictions


1995 - 2002       Netverk ehf

Various office work

An Icelandic software company specializing in communications. Responsibilities included accounting, payroll and shareholder’s relations. Assistant of General Manager 1998 – 2002


Teaching outside RU

2006 - 2010       University of Iceland

Faculty of Engineering / Master of Project Management

Taught a course: Strategic Management / Balanced Scorecard


2006 - 2009       University of Iceland

Continuing Education

Taught a course: Balanced Scorecard



2014 -

Festa - Icelandic Center for Corporate Social Responsibility

Board member 


2011 -

The Icelandic Financial Services Association/ Samtök fjármálafyrirtækja


The Icelandic Financial Services Association 

Chair of Regulatory Authority forming a study line for certified financial advisors


2008 - 2011

The Confederation of Icelandic Bank and Finance Employees / Samtök starfsmanna fjármálafyrirtækja


The Value of Work - The project is an EU (Leonardo) funded project about recognition and validation of competence in the financial services sector (particularly banking) through social partnership with employers and trade unions


2004 -

Excellent Iceland / Stjórnvísi

2004–2010        Chairman for a group of professionals on Balanced Scorecard

2010-2012         Board member

2012-                Member of Quality Committee     

Kennsluferill í HR

2018-2V-655-LCEOLeading Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurial Organizations
2018-1AI STF1003Nýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja
2018-1X-204-STOFNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja
2018-1X-204-STOFNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja
2017-1X-204-STOFNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja
2017-1X-204-STOFNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja
2017-1X-204-STOFNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja
2016-1X-204-STOFNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja
2016-1X-204-STOFNýsköpun og stofnun fyrirtækja