Jón Sigfússon, framkvæmdastjóri

Deild:Rannsóknir og greining 
Aðsetur:Mars, 3. hæð 
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Curriculum Vitae 2015


Name:                Jón Sigfússon M.Ed.

Date of birth:    May 2, 1961

Nationality:       Icelandic

Address:             Vesturgata 17a, 101 Reykjavik, Iceland

Telephone:        +354 599 6431                              

Mobile phone:  +354 825 6431

E-mail address:



2002 to date: Director of the Icelandic Centre of Social Research and Analysis, ICSRA, at the Reykjavik University.

2005 to date: Director of „Youth in Europe – A Drug Prevention Programme“.

2008 to 2010: EURAD – Europe Against Drugs, Board Member.

1999 to 2002:  Director of ISVA ltd, working in Iceland, Denmark and Latvia.

1998 to 1999: Co-founder and Managing Director of Promark Ltd, marketing advisors.

1992 to 1998: Director of Eymundsson Bookstores Ltd.

1985 to 1992: Marketing manager of Oddi printing Ltd.



Director of Youth in Iceland, a cross-sectional population based study carried out on a yearly basis among young people between 10 and 20 years of age in Iceland (1999 – present).  Built a nationwide, annually-updated database on various aspects of health and behavior among school-age children and adolescents and directed research, based on this database, which is used by local and national government bodies in Iceland in their policy making.


Director of the Youth in Europe Project, an international project carried out in cooperation with cities and municipalities in Europe, based on key findings from the Youth in Iceland project (2005 – present).  This evidence-based project is under patronage of the President of Iceland.  A cross-sectional survey is carried out every other year (2006-2016) among adolescents in 20 European cities.  The findings from these surveys will provide a base for the prevention of the use and distribution of drugs in the cities.



December 2010 to 2013: Nominated to PEYR – Pool of European Youth Researchers by CoE- EU partnership in the field of youth

October 2010 to 2013: Nominated to NDPHS TG / EG ASA/ADPY

September 2010 to 2013: Nominated Co-ordinator for the BADY project WP1a

June 2008 to Dec 2011: Co-ordinator for the Nordic Youth Research, carried out in                Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Åland, Faroe Islands and Greenland.

May 2004 to 2010: Nominated correspondent by the Ministry of Education as the              Icelandic representative in the “European Network of Experts on Youth Knowledge“ in Strasbourg.

April 2005 to 2009: Nominated correspondent by the Ministry of Education as the Icelandic representative in the European Knowledge Center of Youth Policy“. The EKCYP is a tool for the implementation of the White Paper on Youth and in particular the European Commission common objectives on a Better Understanding of Youth and the Council of Europe monitoring of youth policy

March 1999 to September 2002: Chairman, Icelandic Centre for Social Research and analysis.

May 2001 to 2008: Icelandic correspondent for Securetec Detection Systems,
 Germany, advocating for drug monitoring, law changes and enforcement.



·         M.Ed, Master of Public Health and Education at the Reykjavik University, 2008.  

·         Bachelor of Arts in English and German, University of Iceland 2002. 

·         Graduate from the Menntaskolinn i Reykjavik College in Iceland in 1981. Majored in Mathematics and Natural Science.



Icelandic (native), English (fluent), German and Danish (some).



·         Vienna NGO on Narcotic Drugs; UN – Vienna 2014

·         Tervi Elu Kompass 2014 – Healthy life compass; Tallinn 2014

·         We-Free Days; San - Patrignano 2014

·         Cities for Youth; Reykjavik 2014

·         World Forum Against Drugs; Stockholm 2014

·         ACTIS -  Annual conference; Oslo, 2014

·         Youth in Europe / Ministry of Education; Chisinau, Moldova 2014

·         Youth in Europe Foggia, Expert Conference;  2014

·         Drogfocus 2013, Gothenburg; 2013

·         Vilnius Municipality Conference / YiE; Vilnius 2013

·         European Primary Preventin Conference EPPC; Tallinn 2013

·         Faroe Islands Youth Research; Torshavn 2012

·         Youth, Opportunities and Risks, Riga University; Riga 2012

·         World Forum Against Drugs; Stockholm 2012




·         The First Annual Health Disparities Convention at the Columbia University, New
York, March 2006

·         Nordic – Benelux Espert meeting on Child and Youth Indicators,  Amsterdam December 2006

·         The SOPHE (Society for Public Health Education) Health Education Advocacy
 Summit, Washington, March 2006

·         Better Understanding of Youth 16-18 June 2005 in Luxembourg Non-Formal Education, Luxembourg July 2005, The Presidency of the Council of the European Union

·         European Campaign for Diversity, Participation and Human Rights. Strasbourg, May 2005

·         Young Active Citizenship EU meeting. Hyvinkää, Finland July 2006

·         Drinking and Drug Taking Practices. A research course, 24th to 30th September 2006, Tvärminne Zoological Station / University of Helsinki

·         The Landmark Forum Personal Training Education, London, May 2005



International lectures on Evidence Based Primary Prevention 2007 to date:


o   Denmark (Hilleröd)

o   Estonia (Tallin)

o   Faroe Islands (Torshavn)

o   Kaunas, Klaipeda)

o   Korea (Gyeongju)

o   Latvia (Riga)

o   Lithuania (Vilnius

o   Norway (Oslo, Ålesund and Molde)

o   Romenia (Bucharest)

o   Russia (St. Petersburg)

o   Scotland (Kirkaldy)

o   Sweden (Stockholm)

o   Uganda (Kampala)


·         Numerous national lectures and speeches on Evidence Based Primary Prevention in the Field of Drug Prevention and Adolescence Substance Abuse Prevention.




2005 Háskóli Íslands, BA Enska / Þýska


2002- Rannsóknir og greining, Framkvæmdastjóri

1999-2002 ÍSVÁ framkvæmdastjóri

1998-1999 PróMark, framkvæmdastjóri

1996-1998 Oddi, framkvæmdastjóri

1992-1994 Eymundsson bókaverslanir, framkvæmdastjóri

1985-1992 Oddi, sölustjóri