Ólafur Andri Ragnarsson, Adjunct

School:School of Computer Science 

Curriculum Vitae

CV - Olafur Andri Ragnarsson


1988-1990 School of Computer Science, Reykjavik, Iceland
1992-1993 MSc in Computer Science from Oregon University, Oregon, USA.
1990-1992 BSc in Computer Science from Oregon University, Oregon, USA.


CV - Olafur Andri Ragnarsson

RU teaching record

2019-1T-611-NYTINew Technology
2018-1T-611-NYTINew Technology
2017-1T-611-NYTINew Technology

Honours and grants

1990 The Icelandic-American Society
1990 The IEEE program to study at the University of Oregon

Subject field

Design of software, using design patterns and quality of design.

Technology and trends.

Business relations

Co-founder and Chief Software Architect at Betware, a gaming solutions company for the Lottery Industry. Member of Executive group. Responsible for architecture and training.

Betware, Member of Board
Margmiðlun Eignarhaldsfélag (holding company), Member of Board
2005-Present Klambratún ehf (Investment company), Chairman of Board