Berglind Sveinbjörnsdóttir, Assistant Professor and Director of and Director of MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Psychology 

RU teaching record

2020-3E-810-APP2Applied Project II
2020-3E-801-BEMABehaviour Analysis in Mainstream Education
2020-3E-803-BIN2Behaviour Interventions II/IHAT
2020-3E-705-ERINEarly Intensive Behaviour Intervention
2020-3E-706-HULOConcepts and Principles of Behaviour Analysis
2020-3E-901-RES1Research Thesis I
2020-3E-902-RES2Research Thesis II
2020-3E-702-SIFAEthical and Professional Conduct
2020-1E-710-APP1Applied project I
2020-1E-706-BEASBehaviour Assessment (GRMA)
2020-1E-707-BIN1Behaviour Interventions I/GRAT
2020-1E-827-LAUSProblem Solving and Social Interaction
2020-1E-901-RES1Research Thesis I
2019-3E-706-HULOConcepts and Principles of Behaviour Analysis
2019-3E-712-CONTContemporary Issues in Behavior Analysis
2018-3E-501-ATGRApplied Behaviour Analysis
2018-3E-706-HULOConcepts and Principles of Behaviour Analysis
2018-3E-702-SIFAEthical and Professional Conduct
2018-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2018-1E-709-GRATFundamental Elements of Behaviour Change and Specific Behaviour Change Procedures
2018-1E-891-MSC1Research Thesis 1: Research Methods and Design
2018-1E-893-MSC3Research thesis III: Analysis, Interpretation and Write-up