Birna Baldursdóttir, Assistant Professor

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Psychology 
Location:2nd floor in Uranus 


2016 Gothenburg University, Sweden, PhD in Medical Science with emphasis on Publich Health. 
2007 Reykjavik University, Master of Public Health (MPH).
2000 The Iceland University of Education. Teachers diploma in natural science at the college level.
1991 The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, MSc. in natural sciences.
1989 The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, BSc. in natural sciences.


2019 - Reykjavik University, Department of Psychology. Director of PhD studies.

2018 - Reykjavik University, Department of Psychology. Assistant Professor.
2012 - 2018 Reykjavik University, Department of Psychology. Adjunct.
2013 - 2014 Directorate of Health, Department of Health Determinants. Physical activity project manager, part-time.
2011 - 2012 University of Iceland, Centre of Public Health Sciences. Part-time Teacher.
2008 - 2012 Reykjavik University, School of Health and Education. Adjunct in Public Health and Faculty Director (part time 2010 -  2012).
2007 - 2008 The Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis, ICSRA. Specialist in Public Health.

2003 – 2005 The Icelandic Agricultural Surveillance Institute. Department manager.
1992 – 2003 Agricultural Research Institute, Iceland. Specialist in animal nutrition.
1992 - 2003 Icelandic School of Agriculture. Part-time teacher. 

RU teaching record

2020-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2020-3E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2020-3E-900-PHDPPhD Studies, Psychology
2020-3E-503-HEILHealth Psychology
2020-3E-316-VETTService Learning
2020-2E-316-VETTService Learning
2020-1E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2020-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2019-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2019-3E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2019-3E-900-PHDPPhD Studies, Psychology
2019-3E-503-HEILHealth Psychology
2019-3E-316-VETTService Learning
2019-1X-911-ALDAApplied Longitudinal Data Analysis
2019-1E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2019-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2019-1V-902-PRREProgress Report
2018-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2018-3E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2018-3E-316-VETTService Learning
2018-1E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2018-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2018-1E-709-HEILHealth Training and Health Promotion

Honours and grants


May 2020. Grant from the Icelandic Cancer Society´s Science Fund.

May 2019. Grant from the Icelandic Cancer Society´s Science Fund.

January 2018. Rannis Grant of Excellence (co-investigator).

May 2017. Grant from the Icelandic Cancer Society´s Science Fund.

October 2012. Grant from the Icelandic Public Health Fund.

May 2012. Grant from Wilhelm and Martina Lundgren Foundation, Sweden.

October 2011. Research Grant from Landsbankinn´s Society Fund.

June 2010. Ph.D. Grant from The Icelandic Research Fund for Graduate Students.

Subject field

Public health and health promotion.


Academic articles:

James, J.E., Baldursdottir, B., Johannsdottir, K.R., Valdimarsdottir, H.B., Sigfusdottir, I.D. (2018). Adolescent habitual caffeine consumption and hemodynamic reactivity during rest, psychosocial stress, and recovery. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 110; 16-23.


Baldursdottir, B., Valdimarsdottir, H.B., Krettek, A., Gylfason, H.F., Sigfusdottir, I.D. (2017). Age-related differences in physical activity and depressive symptoms among 10–19-year-old adolescents: A population based study. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 28; 91-99.


Baldursdottir, B., Taehtinen, R.E., Sigfusdottir, I.D., Krettek, A., Valdimarsdottir, H.B. (2016). Impact of a physical activity intervention on adolescents’ subjective sleep quality: A pilot study. Glob Health Promot. 2016 May 12. pii: 1757975915626112. [Epub ahead of print].


Jonsdottir, R., Valdimarsdottir, T., Baldursdottir, B. and Thorkelsson, G. (2003). Influence of Low Fat Fishmeal on Fatty Acid Composition and Sensory Quality of Pork. Journal of Muscle Foods, 14; 51-65.


Kristinsson, H., Baldursdottir, B., Jonsdottir, R., Valdimarsdottir, T., and Thorkelsson, G. (2001). Influence of Feed Fat Source on on Fatty Acid Composition, Unsaturation and Lipid Oxidation of Backfat and Sensory Quality of Pork. Journal of Muscle Foods, 12; 285-300.


Kristinsson, H., Jonsdottir, R., Baldursdottir, B., Valdimarsdottir, T., and Thorkelsson, G. (2001). Oxidative stability of pork pepperoni during processing and different packing and storage conditions as influenced by ed fat source. Journal of Muscle Foods, 12; 301-315.

Poster presentations:

Birna Baldursdóttir, Huldís Franksdóttir Daly, Snæfríður Guðmundsdóttir Aspelund, Jakob Fannar Stefánsson, William H. Redd og Heiðdís Valdimarsdóttir. Effects of Eastern versus Western Sun Exposure on Depression and Fatigue during Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant. 11th annuaconference of the Icelandic Psychological Association held at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Iceland, April 2019.


Valgerður Kristín Eiríksdóttir, Sjöfn Ágústsdóttir, Birna Baldursdóttir og Heiðdís Valdimarsdóttir. Intrusive thoughts and depression among newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients: Buffering effects of emotional expression. 11th annuaconference of the Icelandic Psychological Association held at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Iceland, April 2019.


Baldursdottir, B., Valdimarsdottir, H., Krettek, A., Sigfusdottir, I.D., Gylfason, H.F., Elvarsson, B.Th., & Taehtinen, R.E. Physical activity and well-being among adolescents. A poster acceptefor the 7th Conference of HEPA Europe, Queen´s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 28th – 30th September 2016.


Tähtinen, R, Baldursdottir, B., Sigfusdottir, ID, Krettek, A & Valdimarsdottir, H. Pedometer- based physical activity intervention may positively influenceadolescents´ subjective sleep quality. A poster acceptefor the 27th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, Bordeaux, July 2013.


Baldursdottir, B., Krettek, A., Sigfusdottir, I.D., & Valdimarsdottir, H. Increasing physicaactivity among adolescents – An Intervention Study. A poster acceptefor the 7th Nordic Health Promotion ResearcConference, Vestfold University College, NorwayJune 2013.


Birna Baldursdóttir. (2013). Increasing physical activitamong adolescents: An intervention study. Annuaconference of the Icelandic Psychological Association held at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Iceland, April 2013.


Birna Baldursdóttir, Bryndís Björk Ásgeirsdóttir, ra Guðrún Guðmundsdóttir Inga rSigfúsdóttir(2008)The relationship between body weight and self-image with Icelandic secondary school students. Skóli og lýðheilsa – Conference held at Hotel Nordica, Reykjavik, May 2008.


Birna Baldursdóttir(2007). Body mass index and self-image – is there a link between the two with Icelandic secondary school students? Þjóðarspegill 2007 – Conference held by the University of Iceland, Reykjavik, December 2007.


Extracurricular activities: 
From 2007: One of the founders and a trustee of The Icelandic Society of Public Health Professionals.