Birna Baldursdóttir, Assistant Professor

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Psychology 
Location:2nd floor in Uranus 


2008 - a doctoral student at the Nordic school of public health in Gothenburg, Sweden, in collaboration with the School of Health and Education at Reykjavik University.

2007 Reykjavik University, Master of Public Health (MPH) 120 ECTS.
Research Project: “Body mass index and self-esteem of Icelandic college students”.

2000 The Iceland University of Education. Teachers diploma in natural science at the college level. Research Project: Design of course in human nutrition.

1991 The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, MSc. 
Research Project: “Correlation between fat and littersize of sows”.

1989 The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark, BSc. 
Research Project: “Majorgenes with impact on fertility of sheep”.


2008 - Reykjavik University, School of Health and Education. Adjunct in Public Health and PhD student at the Nordic school of public health in Gothenburg, Sweden in collaboration with the School of Health and Education at Reykjavik University. 

2007 - 2008 The Icelandic Centre for Social Research and Analysis, ICSRA; Specialist in Public Health; analysis and interpretation of survey data.

2003 – 2005 The Icelandic Agricultural Surveillance Institute; Department manager; inspector of registration and surveillance, preparation of regulations and directives.

1992 – 2003 Agricultural Research Institute, Iceland; Specialist in animal nutrition. Project leader on projects regarding quality of food. Teacher at the Icelandic School of Agriculture. Responsible for several instruction courses and education material.

RU teaching record

2020-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2020-3E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2020-3E-503-HEILHealth Psychology
2020-3E-316-VETTService Learning
2020-2E-316-VETTService Learning
2020-1E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2020-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2019-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2019-3E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2019-3E-900-PHDPPhD Studies, Psychology
2019-3E-503-HEILHealth Psychology
2019-3E-316-VETTService Learning
2019-1X-911-ALDAApplied Longitudinal Data Analysis
2019-1E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2019-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2019-1V-902-PRREProgress Report
2018-3E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2018-3E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2018-3E-316-VETTService Learning
2018-1E-504-BSC1BSc Thesis I
2018-1E-604-BSC2BSc Thesis II
2018-1E-709-HEILHealth Training and Health Promotion

Subject field

Public health and health promotion.


Publications in peer-reviewed journals:
Jonsdottir, R., Valdimarsdottir, T., Baldursdottir, B. and Thorkelsson, G. (2003). Influence of Low Fat Fishmeal on Fatty Acid Composition and Sensory Quality of Pork. Journal of Muscle Foods, 14; 51-65.

Kristinsson, H., Baldursdottir, B., Jonsdottir, R., Valdimarsdottir, T., and Thorkelsson, G. (2001). Influence of Feed Fat Source on on Fatty Acid Composition, Unsaturation and Lipid Oxidation of Backfat and Sensory Quality of Pork. Journal of Muscle Foods, 12; 285-300.

Kristinsson, H., Jonsdottir, R., Baldursdottir, B., Valdimarsdottir, T., and Thorkelsson, G. (2001). Oxidative stability of pork pepperoni during processing and different packing and storage conditions as influenced by ed fat source. Journal of Muscle Foods, 12; 301-315.


Extracurricular activities:
From 2007: One of the founders and a trustee of The Icelandic Society of Public Health Professionals.