Dögg Pálsdóttir, Adjunct

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Law 


Master of Public Health (MPH) at Johns Hopkins University, School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Thesis: Elderly in Iceland. Received study grants from the World Health Organization in Copenhagen and the Thor Thors Memorial Fund.

Advanced legal studies at Stockholm University, mainly focusing on insurance law. Received a study grant from Svenska Institutet. Thesis: Property Insurance in Iceland.

Cand.Jur. from the University of Iceland, Faculty of Law, 23 February 1980. Thesis: Störf og starfshættir barnaverndaryfirvalda (Functions and Practices of Child Protection Authorities).

Hamrahlíð College, University Matriculation Certificate, 16 May 1975.


From 1996
Supreme Court Attorney with own offices in Reykjavík from 1 January 1996 (DP SOLICITORS from 2003). Also the estate agency DP PROPERTY from January 2004.

Lawyer at the Ministry of Health and Social Security. Head of Administrative Services for legal, insurance and international affairs from 1 October 1990 to 31 December 1995. Head of Division for international affairs, social security and general legal issues from 1 August 1987 to 30 September 1990. Head of Division for the affairs of the elderly from 1 April 1983 to 1 June 1985. Remunerated secretary to three committees on the affairs of the elderly from 1 August 1981 to 1 April 1983.

Lawyer at the Internal Revenue Directorate, Iceland (at intervals).

1994 Supreme Court Attorney, 23 June 1994.
1982 District Court Attorney, 12 July 1982, following an examination task.
2004 Licence to operate as a property, business and ship broker

RU teaching record

2020-3L-843-CHILChildrens Law
2020-3L-505-FJERFamily and Inheritance Law
2019-3L-505-FJERFamily and Inheritance Law
2019-3L-763-HJSBMatrimonial Law
2019-1L-725-HELAHealth Law
2018-3L-843-CHILChildrens Law
2018-3L-505-FJERFamily and Inheritance Law

Teaching outside RU

For a number of years:

• Courses organized by the Institute for Continuing Education, University of Iceland on legal issues, particularly health law.

• University of Iceland, Faculty of Medicine, 6th-year law courses

Honours and grants

Science Fund grants 1999 and 2000 for research into patients rights.

Study grants – see “Education”.

Subject field

Family and Inheritance Law, Health Law

Business relations

Own business, DP Solicitors, from January 2003. From January 2004 also the estate agency DP Property.
Boards of Directors in the following companies:
From 1996  Málsefni ehf (law firm): Chairman of the board. 
From 1996 The State Alcohol and Tobacco Company, nominated by the Minister of Finance as alternate board member. Board secretary 1996-2005.
From 1998    Hofdi Ltd, Asphalt and Crushing Plant: board of directors.
2000-2002  Icelandic Center for Social Research and Analysis: board of directors.
1997-2003  Icelandic Motor Vehicle Registration Ltd: board member 1997-1998 and vice-chairman until the company was dissolved in 2003.