Einar Einarsson, Lecturer

School:School of Science and Engineering 

Curriculum Vitae

Einar Einarsson B.Sc, Mtc, M.Sc.


tel:       8407806




Curriculum Vitae

Ágúst 2007 – Current


















Juni 2003- Mai 2007

University of Reykjavik

·           Adjunkt University of Reykjavik MS.c program in Sport Medicine/ I

KINEAcademy EHF  company  in biomedical engineering and movement analysis


Main tasksi:

·           Service for clients and Scientist.

·           Making protocols on execution of the technology and on specific methods in movement analysis with video and wireless EMG

·           Giving courses on movement analysis and neuromuscular reeducation

·           Giving workshops with same topics as above.

·           Support for Scientist  in their research projects and applications

·           Teacher in professional fitness training at Keilir  

·           Counsultance and analysis  for sports club and  individual athletes. 







Physical Therapist at  Eflingu Physical Therapy

Okt 2001 - mai. 2003

Teacher in movement Science  Áarhus Denmark

·           Movement Science and  orthopaedic manual therapy

·           General Physical therapy and Clinical reasoning


April 1996 – Aug 2001






Physical Therapist at   Efling Physical Therapy


Head trainer KA soccer.

Juvenile soccer training Víking, Leiftur og KA:












Education :                            Cand. Scient

Speciality movement Science

  2006 Aarhus University

MTc  Manual therapy

2000 University of St. Augustin

BSc Physical Therapy  Háskóla islands 1991

Physical Education   1986


Courses:                                Orthopeadics manual therapy  1992

                                                Manual therapy neck  & back Reykjavík 1993

                                                Acupuncture Svíþjóð 1995

                                                Kietic Control for lower back 1996

Medical exercise therapy Norwegian method 1997 og 1988

                                                Osteopathic manipulations  2000

                                                Case rapport  (knee)  Denmark 2001

Osteopathic Manipulations Danmörk 2002 og 2003

Sports Sepecific shoulder problems (donatelli)l  2008

                                                Kinetic control 2008

                                                McConnel consept 2007

                                                Speed and Agility course (Lee Taft)



Lectures given in Seminars and congress on movement science :      

Manual Terapi Stockholm Mars 2010

 Sport Medicine  Stavanger Norge 2009.

  Sport Medicine Chile Julý  2009

Workshop on rehabilitation  Interlaken Sviss Mars 2009

 Sportmedicine Austria April 2009

 Sportmedicine olympic center Madrid  2007

Sportmedicine  Denmark 2008                                                                                                                         

Workshop Capio Arttro clinic í Stokkhólmi April 2008

Measurements on field  Sandviken Sweden 2010


RU teaching record

2017-3T-562-EMG1Electromyography I