Eyjólfur Ingi Ásgeirsson, Associate Professor

School:School of Technology / Department of Engineering 
Office hours:email for an appointment. 

Curriculum Vitae



2007 Columbia University, PhD, Operations Research
2002 Columbia University, MS., Operations Research
1999 University of Iceland, BSc. Computer Science
1998 University of Iceland, CSc. Industrial Engineering

RU teaching record

2021-1T-201-FOR1Programming for Engineering
2021-1T-620-LIKXModelling X
2021-1T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2021-1T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2021-1T-629-URO1Undergraduate Research Opportunities I
2021-1T-629-URO2Undergraduate Research Opportunities II
2021-1T-829-GRO1Graduate Research Opportunities I
2021-1T-829-GRO2Graduate Research Opportunities II
2021-1T-806-INDEIndependent Project
2020-3T-809-DATADatamining and Machine Learning
2020-3T-899-MEISMSc Thesis
2020-3T-900-MEISMSc Thesis
2020-3T-629-URO1Undergraduate Research Opportunities I
2020-3T-629-URO2Undergraduate Research Opportunities II
2020-3T-829-GRO1Graduate Research Opportunities I
2020-3T-829-GRO2Graduate Research Opportunities II
2020-1T-620-LIKXModelling X
2020-1T-629-URO1Undergraduate Research Opportunities I
2020-1T-629-URO2Undergraduate Research Opportunities II
2020-1T-800-INT2Integrated Project II; Implement and Operate
2020-1T-806-INDEIndependent Project
2019-3T-809-DATADatamining and Machine Learning
2019-3T-316-GAVIData Processing
2019-1T-620-LIKXModelling X
2019-1T-800-INT2Integrated Project II; Implement and Operate
2018-3T-316-GAVIData Processing
2018-3T-629-URO1Undergraduate Research Opportunities I
2018-3T-629-URO2Undergraduate Research Opportunities II
2018-3T-208-FOR2Programming for Engineering in C++
2018-1T-620-LIKXModelling X
2018-1T-629-URO1Undergraduate Research Opportunities I
2018-1T-629-URO2Undergraduate Research Opportunities II


Approximation Algorithms and Heuristics.
Design and analysis of simple algorithms for finding good solutions for difficult (NP-hard) problems.

Subject field

Operations Research with special interest in approximation algorithms and heuristics