Eyþór Rafn Þórhallsson

School:School of Technology / Department of Applied Engineering 


1988 Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Structural Engineering M.Sc. 


2005 -          Associate Professor, Reykjavik University   
1997- 2006  Hönnun hf, Consulting Engineers  
2002 -2005  Associate Professor, Technical University of  Iceland
1994             Public Works Department, Naval Air Station, Keflavík,   
1990-1997   Consulting Engineer  
1989-2002   Lecturer, Technical College of  Iceland
1985-1990   Byggðaverk, contractor  
1982-1985   Public Roads Administration

RU teaching record

2019-3BF BEH1009Renovation of Buildings - Integrating Project
2019-3BI LOK1006Final Project
2019-3T-806-INDEIndependent Project
2019-3BT INT1006Internship in Civil Engineering
2019-3BT SST1013Reinforced Concrete I
2019-1BI EBE1003Construction Materials
2019-1BF FBH1009Multistory Buildings - Integrating Project
2019-1BI LOK1006Final Project
2019-1T-806-INDEIndependent Project
2019-1T-806-SST2Reinforced Concrete II
2018-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2018-3BI LOK1006Final Project
2018-3BF LOK1010Final Project
2018-3BT INT1003Internship I in Civil Engineering
2018-3BT INT2003Internship II in Civil Engineering
2018-3BT SST1013Reinforced Concrete I
2018-1BT EFB1003Construction Materials Science
2018-1BI EBE1003Construction Materials
2018-1BF HSB1007Widespan Buildings - Integrating Project
2018-1BI LOK1006Final Project
2018-1T-806-SST2Reinforced Concrete II
2017-3BF BEH1108Renovation of Buildings - Integrating Project
2017-3BF LOK1010Final Project
2017-3BI LOK1006Final Project
2017-3BT SST1013Reinforced Concrete I
2017-1BT EFB1003Construction Materials Science
2017-1BI EBE1003Construction Materials
2017-1BF FBH1009Multistory Buildings - Integrating Project
2017-1BF HSB1007Widespan Buildings - Integrating Project
2017-1BI LOK1006Final Project
2017-1T-806-SST2Reinforced Concrete II

Honours and grants

 Icelandic basalt fibers for earthquake resistance concrete.  The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS), Technology Development Fund. 2010

Electrical towers, development of new type of structures.  The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS), Technology Development Fund. 2009

Research of Basalt fibers in concrete beams. The Icelandic Innovation Fund for Students. 2009

Research of CFRP bars in concrete beams. Housing Financing Fund 2008
Test of FRP bars in concrete beams. The Icelandic Innovation Fund for Students. 2007
Strength of FRP and CFRP bars in concrete beams. Housing Financing Fund 2007
Fibers in concrete precast elements. The Icelandic Innovation Fund for Students. 2005
Performance Seismic Design of element houses . Housing Financing Fund 2005
Performance  Seismic Design. Research and Development Fund TUI.2005
Earthquake engineering design of low-rise buildings. Research and Development Fund TUI.2004
Precast exterior walls elements. Research and Development Fund TUI.2004

Subject field

Structural Engineering, Earthquake resistant design, Hydropower Plant Design, Project Management and Civil Engineering system thinking. 

Business relations

Consulting Engineer in many projects. Few of them are listed underneath:
Brekkuskóli Elementary School extension, Akureyri. Senior Design Engineer
Hjúkrunarheimili Nursing Home, Sóltún 2, Reykjavík. Senior Design Engineer
Wharf district project, Grafavogi, Reykjavík. Senior Design Engineer
Norðlingaalda Diversion, - design memorandum, project design and feasibility study
Bjallavirkjun Power Station - preliminary design
Vatnsfellsvirkjun Power Station, tender documents and final design
Búðarhálsvirkjun Power Station, design memorandum

Holtavirkjun Power Station, tender documents

Hvammsvirkjun Power Station, tender documents
Norðurál Aluminum Smelter at Grundartangi. Senior Design Engineer
Hotel Hérað, Hotel Laugar and Hotel Fludir - Project Management
Kringlan Shopping Mall - Project Management 


Sigurdsson, S.U.,  R. Rupakhety , R. Sigbjörnsson J. T. Snæbjörnsson, E. R. Thorhallsson, F. G. Sigtryggsdottir (2013). Concrete shear wall buildings founded on gravel cushions. In Proceedings of the SE-50EEE, International Conference on Earthquake Engineering -  Skopje

Thorhallsson E. R; Konráðsson A. (2013) Renovation of concrete columns by wrapping basalt fiber sheets. Proceedings of the IBASE conference Rotterdam

Thorhallsson E. R, Gudmundsson, S.H (2013)  Test of prestressed basalt FRP concrete beams with and without external stirrups. In proceedings of Fib symposium Engineering a Concrete future: Technology, modelling & Construction. Tel Aviv

Thorhallsson E.R.; Bjarnason P. (2012). Test of rectangular confined concrete columns for strength and ductility. 15 WCEE, World Conference of Earthquake Engineering LISBOA

Thorhallsson E.R.,Jonsson B, S.(2012), Test of prestressed concrete beams with BFRP tendons. CICE, ROME 

Thorhallsson E.R.; Bjarnason P. (2011). Test of retangular confined concrete columns for strength and ductility. fib Symposium PRAGUE 2011

Thorhallsson E.R.,Konráðsson A., Kubens S.(2011), Strengthening of concrete columns by wrapping basalt fiber matrix. Nordic Concrete Research Symposium 2011


Thorhallson E.R., Rikhardsson I.S., Olafsson A. M., Olafsson H. S. (2010). Analysis of a squat concrete wall, difference in translation during seismic excitation due to foundation support. , 9th US National/10th Canadian Conference on Earthquake Engineering

Thorhallsson E.R, Ólafsson H. (2010) Analysis of Concrete walls under Earthquake Action. Influence from different types of Foundation, 14 European Conference of Earthquake Engineering

Thorhallsson E.R. (2006) Seismic Performance Management Design of Buildings. 13 European Conference of Earthquake Engineering





 Claim assessor for the law courts in few cases concerning construction projects.
Member of the Icelandic Association of Chartered Engineers from 1989
Member of EAEE (European Association for Earthquake Engineering) from 2002
Member of fib- Fédération Internationale du Béton (International Federation of Structural Concrete)
Member of the Board of the Urban Planning Liaison Commission for Reykjavik Greater Area from 2002-2010
Member of the Board of the Town of Gardabaer Urban Planning Administration, 1994 -2006
Member of the board and Vice-chairman of workgroup regarding waste recovery Appointed by the Minister of the Environment, 2000-2003
Vice-Member of the town council of Gardabaer, 1999-2002
Member of the Board and Chairman of the division of Civil and Structural Engineers, 1997-2000
Member of the Board of the Harbor Administration in Town of Gardabaer, 1998-2002
Member of the Board of Agenda 21 for town of Gardabaer, 1997-1998