Gu├░finna S Bjarnad├│ttir, Lecturer

School:School of Technology / Department of Engineering 


1991  West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia 
          Ph.D. Behavioral Psychology, Performance Management
1989  West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia 
          M.A. Behavioral Psychology
1986  University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland - B.A. Psychology
1977  Teachers University of Iceland, Reykjavik  - Studentsprof


1998 -         Rector/President, Reykjavík University
1991-1998  CEO, LEAD Consulting in USA
1986-1991  Instructor and graduate student at West Virginia University (WVU)

RU teaching record

2019-3T-874-SRTSConsultancy, Change and Organizational Development
2018-3T-874-SRTSConsultancy, Change and Organizational Development
2017-3T-874-SRTSConsultancy, Change and Organizational Development

Teaching outside RU

Performance Management
Performance Measures
Strategic Planning
Human Behavior
Principles of Behavior
Problem Solving
Benchmarking Best Practices

Honours and grants

2004  Person of the year in Icelandic business, selected by a business newspaper in Iceland
          (Viðskiptablaðið – viðskiptaverðlaunin 2004)      
2003  5th Honorary member, Excellence Iceland
          (Stjórnvísi, the Icelandic Association for Quality and Leadership)
2003  Reykjavík University was selected the Company of the Year in Iceland
         (based on a survey by one of the largest employee associations in Iceland)
2002  Fálkaorðan, awarded the Order of the Icelandic Falcon by the President of Iceland
2002   Reykjavík University was selected the Company of the Year in Iceland
1998   Woman of the Year in Iceland


2003-          Chair, Committee for selecting leaders in Health Care, 
                   Ministry of Health and Social Security, Iceland
1998-2003  Board member, Baugur Group
1999-2002  Board member, Edda (publishing company)
1998-2002  Board member, Fulbright in Iceland

Various other boards and committees in Iceland and in USA


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