Hannes Högni Vilhjálmsson, Associate Professor

School:School of Technology / Department of Computer Science 
Location:Menntavegur 1, Area V2 
Office hours:By appointment by email 
Phone:5996323   Mobile: 6186323 

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


2003 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. Media Arts and Sciences
1997 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MSc. Media Arts and Sciences
1994 University of Iceland, BSc. Computer Science


2010- Reykjavik University, Associate Professor of Computer Science
2006-2010 Reykjavik University, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
2005-2006 Tactical Language Training, LLC, Chief Technical Officer
2003-2006 University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute, Research Scientist
1995-2003 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Media Laboratory, Research Assistant
1994-1995 Raflind, Software Engineer
1994 Hugmynd Margmiðlun, Software Engineer
1993-1994 Fjölnemar, Software Engineer

RU teaching record

2020-1T-637-GEDEGame Engine Architecture
2019-3T-725-MALVNatural Language Processing
2019-3T-723-VIENVirtual Environments
2019-1T-637-GEDEGame Engine Architecture
2018-3T-991-TPDEThesis Project Defense
2018-3T-891-MSTDMSc Thesis Defense
2018-3T-879-MSRSMSc Research
2018-3T-899-MSTHMS Thesis
2018-1T-637-GEDEGame Engine Architecture
2018-1T-404-LOKAFinal Project
2017-3T-404-LOKAFinal Project
2017-3T-723-VIENVirtual Environments
2017-3T-114-VERKProblem Solving
2017-1T-637-GEDEGame Engine Architecture
2017-1T-899-MSTHMS Thesis
2017-1T-622-UROPUndergraduate Research Opportunity

Honours and grants

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Subject field

Virtual reality, virtual environments, game development for education and training, natural human-computer interaction, embodied conversational agents, social and linguistic behavior, avatars and agents in networked environments, real-time graphical visualization

Business relations

Co-founder and owner of "MindGames ehf."

Co-founder and owner of
"Tactical Language Training LLC" and its parent company "Alelo" in Los Angeles.  Chief Technical Officer (CTO) there from 2005 to 2006 and currently a board member and technical consultant.


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