Heimir Örn Herbertsson, Senior Scientist

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Law 
Phone:   Mobile: 8997769 


2006  Supreme Court Lawer
2000  District Court Lawer
1998  Cand. juris University of Iceland.

RU teaching record

2021-1V-807-BULABusiness Law
2020-3L-707-GASETaking of Evidence in Civil Cases
2020-3L-889-LALRLögrétta Legal Aid
2020-1V-807-BULABusiness Law
2020-1V-802-BULACorporate Law
2020-1L-889-LALRLögrétta Legal Aid
2020-1L-303-SAKECompetition Law
2019-3L-302-EMRFCivil Procedure
2019-1V-807-BULABusiness Law
2019-1V-802-BULACorporate Law
2019-1L-408-FRVLSelected Issues in Business Law
2019-1L-303-SAKECompetition Law
2018-3L-707-GASETaking of Evidence in Civil Cases
2018-1V-802-BULACorporate Law
2018-1L-407-FJA5Private Law V - Project Based Course
2018-1L-408-FRVLSelected Issues in Business Law
2018-1L-751-PROJResearch Study
2018-1L-303-SAKECompetition Law
2018-1L-834-LECLLaw and Economics in Competition Law Procedure – theoretical and practical issues and perspectives

Subject field

Competitition Law