Hlynur Arnórsson

School:School of Technology / Department of Applied Engineering 
Phone:5996520   Mobile: 7601968 

RU teaching record

2019-3AT STÆ3003Mathematics III
2019-3AT STM1002Mathematics and Matlab I
2019-3AT STM2004Mathematics and Matlab II
2019-1AT STÆ2003Mathematics II
2018-3AT STÆ3003Mathematics III
2018-3AT STM1002Mathematics and Matlab I
2018-3AT STM2004Mathematics and Matlab II
2018-2F STÆ3B04Mathematics
2018-1T-101-STA1Calculus I
2018-1AT STÆ2003Mathematics II
2017-3T-800-MATHDifferential Equations and Numerical Analysis
2017-3AT STÆ1003Mathematics I
2017-3AT STÆ3003Mathematics III
2017-2F STÆ3B04Mathematics
2017-1T-101-STA1Calculus I
2017-1AT STÆ2003Mathematics II