Hlynur Stefánsson, Associate Professor

School:School of Technology / Department of Engineering 
Location:Nauthólsvík, Venus, 2nd floor 


Imperial College London, PhD in Engineering, 2003-2007

Institute for mathematical modelling, Technical University of Denmark, MSc in Informatics (Engineering), 1999-2001

Faculty of Engineering, University of Iceland, BSc in Mechanical- and Industrial Engineering, 1996-1999


- Co-director of Reykjavik University Sustainability Institute and Forum (SIF), Reykjavik University, 2019 onwards. 

- Director of graduate studies, School of Science and Engineering, Reykjavik University, 2014-2016.

- Associate Professor, Department of Financial Engineering and Engineering Management, School of  Science and Engineering, Reykjavik University, 2013 onwards.

- Head of department, Department of Financial Engineering and Engineering Management, School of Science and Engineering, Reykjavik University, 2007-2011.

- Assistant Professor, Department of Financial Engineering and Engineering Management, School of Science and Engineering, Reykjavik University, 2007-2013.

- Centre for Process Systems Engineering, Imperial College London, Teaching and Research assistant, 2004-2006. 

RU teaching record

2021-1C-NBR-ADFADecision-making methods
2020-3T-810-OPTIOptimization Methods
2020-3C-EIN-FRGAProdution and Quality Management
2020-3T-512-FRBIProduction and Inventory Management
2020-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2020-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2020-1C-NBR-ADFADecision-making methods
2019-3T-810-OPTIOptimization Methods
2019-3C-EIN-FRGAProdution and Quality Management
2019-3T-512-FRBIProduction and Inventory Management
2019-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2019-1C-NBR-ADFADecision-making methods
2018-3T-810-OPTIOptimization Methods
2018-3C-EIN-FRGAProdution and Quality Management
2018-3T-512-FRBIProduction and Inventory Management
2018-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2018-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2018-1C-NBR-ADFADecision-making methods


Current research projects: 

- Simulation models for studying the transition towards sustainable mobility in Iceland and the Nordic countries. Study of transportation demand, energy production, environmental impact and macroeconomics with System Dynamics, Agent Based and DSGE models. 

- Optimization models for analyzing the optimal power mix, regional power trade and power storage in Eastern Africa. 

- Study of the potential use of renewable energy resources in the Arctic. Simulation models and economic analysis. 

- Optimization models and machine learning methods for optimization of strategies for sustainable utilization of geothermal resources. 

- Quantitative, dynamic simulation model of a food system used for developing policy interventions aimed at improving the fairness, resilience, sustainability and integrity of food systems. 


Selected publications: 

Perkin, S., Hamon, C., Kristjánsson, R., Stefánsson, H., & Jensson, P. (2019). Framework for trajectory-based probabilistic security assessment of power systems. IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution.

Shafiei, E., Davidsdottir, B., Fazeli, R., Leaver, J., Stefansson, H., & Asgeirsson, E. I. (2018). Macroeconomic effects of fiscal incentives to promote electric vehicles in Iceland: Implications for government and consumer costs. Energy Policy, 114, 431-443. 

Shafiei, E., Davidsdottir, B., Leaver, J., Stefansson, H., & Asgeirsson, E. I. (2017). Energy, economic, and mitigation cost implications of transition toward a carbon-neutral transport sector: A simulation-based comparison between hydrogen and electricity. Journal of Cleaner Production, 141, 237-247. 

Li, Y., Júlíusson, E., Pálsson, H., Stefánsson, H., & Valfells, Á. (2017). Machine learning for creation of generalized lumped parameter tank models of low temperature geothermal reservoir systems. Geothermics, 70, 62-84. 

Perkin, S., Svendsen, A. B., Tollefsen, T., Honve, I., Baldursdottir, I., Stefansson, H., ... & Jensson, P. (2017). Modelling weather dependence in online reliability assessment of power systems. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O: Journal of Risk and Reliability, 231(4), 364-372.

Shafiei, E., Davidsdottir, B., Leaver, J., Stefansson, H., Asgeirsson, E. I., & Keith, D. R. (2016). Analysis of supply-push strategies governing the transition to biofuel vehicles in a market-oriented renewable energy system. Energy, 94, 409-421.  

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