Magnús Orri Marínarson Schram, Part time Lecturer

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Business Administration / MBA 


Erasmus student in Irish Modern History at University College Cork  1994-1995

BA in Modern History University of 1997

MBA  Reykjavik University 2003

Phd student at Reykjavik University – Center for Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship – from March 2004.  







News reporter and anchor man at News department at Icelandic Broadcast Service 1997-1999

General Manager at KR-Sport 1999-2000

Project Manager at Telecom 2000-2002

Founder and CEO of Birta Advertising 2002-2004

Phd student and teacher at Reykjavik University from 2004






RU teaching record

2021-3V-880-FPIDFinal Project: Introduction
2021-1V-880-FPINFinal Project: Innovation
2020-3V-880-FPIDFinal Project: Introduction
2020-1V-880-FPINFinal Project: Innovation
2019-3V-880-FPW1Final Project: Workshop 1

Teaching outside RU

At Executive Education at Reykjavík University


I´m currently a PhD student and part time teacher at Reykjavík University. 

My research interest is on the relationship between knowledge and international opportunity development.

Subject field

Entrepreneurship and Internaitonal Business


 “Why do some Icelanders become entrepreneurs and others not – nascent entrepreneurship in GEM 2004”. Presented at Sociology Conference at University of Iceland. October 2004.

“Development of International Business Opportunities. A study of nascent entrepreneurs”. Presented at Nordic Workshop in International Business. May 2005 


 “Immigrant Entrepreneurship in Iceland – prevalence and characteristics” Presented at Sociology Conference at University of Iceland. November 2005. (The first study on immigrant entrepreneurship in Iceland).