Marcel Kyas, Assistant Professor

School:School of Technology / Department of Computer Science 

RU teaching record

2020-1T-419-CADPConcurrent and Distributed Programming
2019-3T-535-CPSYCyber Physical Systems
2019-3T-732-ISITIntroduction to Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things
2019-1T-404-LOKAFinal Project
2019-1X-204-STOFEntrepreneurship and Starting New Ventures
2019-1T-419-CADPConcurrent and Distributed Programming
2018-3T-785-IPINIndoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation
2018-3T-732-ISITIntroduction to Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things
2018-3T-991-TPDEThesis Project Defense
2018-3T-891-MSTDMSc Thesis Defense
2018-3T-879-MSRSMSc Research
2018-3T-899-MSTHMS Thesis
2018-1T-419-CADPConcurrent and Distributed Programming
2017-3T-732-ISITIntroduction to Embedded Systems and the Internet of Things
2017-3T-404-LOKAFinal Project
2017-3T-409-TSAMComputer Networks
2017-1T-404-LOKAFinal Project
2017-1T-622-UROPUndergraduate Research Opportunity
2017-1T-419-CADPConcurrent and Distributed Programming


Distributed systems, embedded systems, RF based networking, indoor positioning, indoor navigation.