Margrét V Kristjánsdóttir, Assiociate Professor

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Law 
Phone:5996223   Mobile: 8206223 


2006 MPA from the University of Iceland, Faculty of Social Science.

1997 Åbo Akademy University, Institute for Human Rights, Advanced Course on the International Protection of Human Rights.

1994 LL. M from the University of Texas at Austin, School of Law.

1992 Admitted to practise as District Court Attorney.

1989 Cand. Jur. from the University of Iceland, Faculty of Law.

1984 Iceland Tourist Guide School, tourist guiding licence (Dutch and English)

1983 University Matriculation Certificate, The Commercial College of Iceland.

1981 VWO 5 Athenaeum, Lely Lyceum, Amsterdam.

1980 Commercial Diploma, The Commercial College of Iceland


2006  Reykjavík University, School of Law: Assistant Professor

2004-2005 Reykjavík University, School of Law: part-time Lecturer and Adjunct. Subject: Administrative law.

2001- 2005  Attorneys at Hofdabakki and Skeifan Solicitiors: attorney at law.

2002  and 2003 Continuing Education – University of Iceland and the Centre for Lifelong Learning at the University of Akureyri,: teaching courses on administrative law.
1995-2001 The Althing Ombudsman: legal adviser.

1995 The Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs:  divisional manager.

1994-1995 Mr Jonas A. Adalsteinsson, Supreme Court Attorney: legal assistant.
1989-1991 Mssrs Jonatan Sveinsson and Hrobjartur Jonatansson, Supreme Court Attorneys: legal assistant.

RU teaching record

2019-3L-899-ML15ML Thesis
2019-3L-724-ADGCAdministrative law – Government roles, competences and more
2019-1L-611-BACRBA Thesis
2019-1L-899-ML15ML Thesis
2019-1L-401-STJRAdministrative Law
2018-1L-401-STJRAdministrative Law
2017-3L-724-ADGCAdministrative law – Government roles, competences and more


Research and writing:


"Neyðarlögin" og stjórnsýsluréttur ("The Financial Crisis Act" and administratiive law). Stjórnmál og stjórnsýsla, veftímarit (Politics and administration, internet journal) 2. 2009). 

Inntak og beiting 15. gr. stjórnarskrárinnar [The Substance and Application of Art. 15 of the Constitution]. Lögrétta Law Review , Reykjavík University. 2009. Together with Ragnhildur Helgadóttir


Endurskoðun ákvaðana um fjárhagsaðstoð samkvæmt lögum nr. 50/1991 [Administrative review of decisions on financial aid based on the social services of municipalities Act nr. 50/1991]. Lögrétta Law Review, Reykjavík University. 2008.

Fremst(ur) meðal jafningja. Tímarit Lögréttu, Félags laganema við Háskólann í Reykjavík, 2. hefti, 4. árg. 2007) First among eequals. Lögrétta Law Review, Reykjavík University.

2006 :
Fyrirkomulag stjórnsýslu kolvetnismála - verkefni samkvæmt V. kafla laga nr. 13/2001 (Administrative Strategies for the Prospecting, Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons – based on Chapter V of the Hydrocarbons Act no. 13/2001). A paper based on a project commissioned by the Industry Ministry and also submitted as a final thesis towards my MPA degree at the University of Iceland.

Fyrirkomulag stjórnsýslu kolvetnismála - Innri stjórnsýsla, hlutverk   iðnaðarráðherra/Orkustofnunar (Administrative Strategies for the Prospecting, Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons – internal administration, role of the Minister for Industry/National Energy Authority). Project completed at the Research Institute on Natural Resources Law at Reykjavík University for the Industry Ministry.

Fyrirkomulag stjórnsýslu kolvetnismála (Administrative Strategies for the Prospecting, Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons). University of Iceland, MPA thesis.

Undirbúningur fyrir veitingu leyfa til rannsóknar og vinnslu kolvetnis (Preparation for the Granting of Licences for Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons). Project commissioned by the consultative committee for oil exploration and the continental shelf. National Energy Authority 2006.

Skýrsla Íslands um kynferðislegt ofbeldi á börnum og réttarkerfið (Report from Iceland on Sexual Violence against Children). Save the Children in Iceland 2002.

Kynferðislegt ofbeldi á börnum og réttarkerfið (Sexual Violence against Children and the Legal System). Lögmannablaðið (Journal of the Icelandic Bar Association), 8(4) 2002.

Gender Equality and Access to Employment, project for the Institute of Human Rights at the University of Iceland, updated manuscript 2005.

Jafnrétti við starfsráðningar (Gender Equality and Employment), Tímarit lögfræðinga (The Icelandic Law Journal), 50(4) 1997.

Mannréttindaákvæði stjórnarskrárinnar (Human Rights Provisions in the Constitution of Iceland), observations of the Icelandic Bar Association on a bill to amend the constitution of the Republic of Iceland no. 33/1944. The Icelandic Bar Association 1995.

A Practical Approach Towards the Eradication of Female Circumcision, LL.M Thesis, University of Texas School of Law.
The Colour-blind Constitution, A book review, course paper, LL.M studies.
A Bill of Rights for South Africa, course paper, LL.M studies.

Ráðstafanir 62. hgr. alm. hgl. gagnvart ósakhæfum brotamönnum og þeim sem árangurslaust þykir að refsa sökum geðrænna annmarka (Provisions of Article 62 of the General Penal Code concerning legally incompetent offenders and person for whom penalty would reap no result on account of mental deficiencies). Cand.Jur. Thesis, University of Iceland, Faculty of Law.

Current projects:
-Social services of municiapalities – financial aid. This reasearch is part of the research project „Social security: its role and interaction with other benefits“
(Project leaders Ragnhildur Helgadóttir and Guðmundur Sigurðsson, Professors, RU School of law. For further information see website:
Participant in two reasearch projects which have received grants from Environmental and Energy Research Fund from Orkuveita Reykjavíkur-Reykjavík Energy and Icelandic Universities:
-Possible scenarios for rules concerning greenhouse gas emissions, and their effects.
(Project leader: Ágúst Valfells, Assistant Professor, School of Science and Engineering.)
-Stratetgic environmental assessment & environmental impact assessment – relationship & integration. (Project leader: Ásdís Hlökk Theodórsdóttir, Adjunct, School of Science and Engineering.)

Lectures at seminars and conferences

Fyrirkomulag stjórnsýslu kolvetnismála (Administrative Strategies concerning Hydrocarbons). Address at a meeting on the oil exploration project. Iceland Geosurvey, 10 January 2006.

Fremst(ur) meðal jafningja (First among Equals). Lecture at the annual general meeting of the Icelandic Lawyers Association. Grand Hotel Reykjavík, 11 November 2004.

Save the Children Fund – European Project – Report from Iceland. Address at the symposium “Children and the Legal System – Sexual Offences against Children”. Grand Hotel Reykjavík, 26 November 2002.

Kynferðislegt ofbeldi á börnum og réttarkerfið (Sexual Violence against Children). Status report from Iceland at a conference of Save The Children Europe Group. Copenhagen 22-23 October 2002.

Jafnrétti kynjanna við stöðuveitingar (Gender Equality and Employment). Lecture at a conference held by the Institute of Human Rights, University of Iceland, on the project: “The principle of equality in constitutional law, European law and international law.”  Hotel Örk, Hveragerði, 24-25 September 1999.

Jafnrétti við starfsráðningar (Gender Equality in the Recruitment Process). Lecture at a conference held by the Institute of Human Rights, University of Iceland, on the principle of equality in constitutional law and European law. Hotel Saga, Reykjavik, 22 March 1997.

Honours and grants

2009                Preparatory Grant from the Icelandic Research Fund: Procedure and assessment of Cumulative Environmental Effects. 500.000 ISK

2008             Bjarna Benediktssonar styrkur (Grant in the name of Bjarni Benediktsson) – administered by the Icelandic Research Centre. 500.000 ISK. Together with Ragnhildur Helgadóttir

Subject field

Administration Law, Human Rights, Natural Resources Law.


Committee organized by the Prime Ministry to review and propose changes to the Access to Information Act.
Academic Council. Reyst- Reykjavík energy graduate school of sustainable systems
Icelandic Lawyers Association –board member
2007-              Reykjavík University Ethics committee
Institute for Natural Resources Law, Reykjavík .
Board member Academic Affairs Council, School of Law. Chair since May 2009
Road Accident Analysis Group, alternate.

Committee formulating a Code of Ethics for Reykjavík University.
Institute of Human Rights, University of Iceland: board member.
Icelandic Lawyers Association: alternate board member.
The Icelandic Association for Sexual Reproductive Health: board member nominated to represent the Women’s Rights Association of Iceland.
Women’s Rights Association of Iceland: board member.
Parents Council, Selásskóli primary school, Reykjavík.
Committee organized by the Ministry of Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs to propose regulations based on Article 30 of Act no. 48/1988 on prisons and confinement.


See research.