Páll Kristján Pálsson, Assistant Professor

School:School of Technology / Department of Engineering 


1973-1980:  Graduated in Economics and Engineering from the Technical University in Berlin
                    (Technische Universitat) with a Diplom-Ingenieur degree, the equivalent of a Master in
                    Industrial Engineering in the U.S. The education included theoretical and practical
                    instruction in both economics and engineering.

1969-1973:  Graduated from Hamrahlid Higher Secondary Grammar School, Reykjavik, Iceland, in
                    the physics track.


2005-           Instructor in the Technology and engeneering department at the Reykjavik University.
2002-           General Manager and owner of the company Skyggni ehf and the investment company
                    Tvidrangi ehf.
1999- 2002  General manager, 3p Investment House. Venture capital company, owned by
                    Mr. Palsson and the owners of Hof holdings.
1997-1999   General Manager, New Business Venture Fund..
1994-1997   General Manager, Sól hf. Producers of Margarine, Oils and Juices.
1991-1994   General Manager, Vífilfell hf. The Coca-Cola Bottlers of Iceland.
1991-           Instructor, University of Iceland, Faculty for engineering, courses in innovation and
                    product development.
1986-1991   Managing Director, Technological Institute of Iceland.  
1986-1993   Instructor, Technical College of Iceland, teaching courses in product development and
1983-1986   Department Manager, Technical Department, The Federation of Icelandic Industries.
1981-1984  Taught courses for The Icelandic Management Association and others in Work
                    Management, Management, Preparation and Submission of Bids, Computerization,
                    Product Development.
1981-1986   Instructor, University of Iceland, Faculty for engineering, courses in production
                    technology and cost accounting.
1980-1983  Department Manager, Metal and Shipbuilding Industry Association.

RU teaching record

2020-1T-106-REVEEngineering Management
2020-1T-800-INT1Integrated Project I; Conceive and Design
2019-3T-751-NYSKInnovation and Strategy
2019-3AT RSN1003Management and Innovation
2019-1T-106-REVEEngineering Management
2019-1T-800-INT1Integrated Project I; Conceive and Design
2018-3T-751-NYSKInnovation and Strategy
2018-3AT RSN1003Management and Innovation
2018-3T-814-PRODIntegrated Product Development; Concepts and Processes
2018-1T-106-REVEEngineering Management
2018-1T-800-INT1Integrated Project I; Conceive and Design
2018-1T-800-INT2Integrated Project II; Implement and Operate

Business relations

2005-          Chairman of the board of Glófa ehf Akureyri.
2005-          Chairman of the board of Hotel Reynihlid at Mývatn
2004-          Chairman of the board of Smellinn hf, Akranesi
2004-          Chairman of the board of Seatours in Stykkisholmur.
2003-          Board of directors of Pegasus/Panartica Film production.
2003-          Board of directors Errex Kidney transplants.
2002-2004  Chairman of the board of AGR; Oprational research software.
2002-2004  Chairman of the board of Gangverk; interactive radio software.
2002-2004  Chairman of the board of Heilsuefling Stykkisholmur.
2000-2004  Board of directors of Lasersjón; Lasik, Lasek and Zyotic operations.
2000-2002  Board of directors Saeplast.
2000-2002  Board of directors ACO
2000-2002  Board of directors of Incremental images, owned by mental
1999-2002  Chairman of the board of Skjar 1/The Icelandic Television Company.
1999-2002  Chairman of the board of Alterna, The Icelandic Energy Fund.
1999-2002  Chairman of the board of Islandssimi hf., The Icelandic Phone Company.
1998-2000  Chairman of Icelandic New Energy. The company, owned by Daimler Chrysler, Shell
                    international, Norsk Hydro and Icelandic Eco Energy is involved in development of
                    Iceland to a Hydrogene Society.
1998-2000  Board of directors of Genís
1995-          President of the German-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce
1994-2002  Board of directors; Committee on Nordic Environmental Prize.
1994-2001  Board of Directors, ISAL, Icelandic Aluminum Co. Ltd.  
1993-1995  Board of Directors, Icelandic Finance and Investment PLC.
1992-2001  Board of Directors, Chamber of Commerce.
1991-1995  Board of directors, Technological development, owned by industry and the University
                   of Iceland
1990-1993  Board of Directors, Channel 2 television
1989-1994  Church council Bustadakirkja
1988-1991  Board of Directors, Nordic Industrial Fund 
1988-1991  Industrial Committee, Independence Party
1987-1995  Board of Directors, Germania (German-Icelandic-Society) 
1986-1995  Chairman of the board of Hugur software house.


2006:  Handbók athafnamannsins (The Entrepreneur’s Handbook); Policy, management and staff.
           August 2006.
1992:  Product Developement/Marketing. Publisher:Technological Institute of Iceland.
1989:  New Technology. (Co-author) Publisher: Technological Institute of Iceland.
1985:  My Company. (Co-author)) Publisher: The Federation of Icelandic Industries 
1984:  Tölvubók Almenna bókafélagsins; A book on computerizing companies. Publisher: Almenna
1981:  Computerizing; Preparation and realization. Publisher: Metal and Shipbuilding Industry Association.
1980-  Various newspaper and magazine articles on technical subjects. Author of 3 books; on
           computer technology, product development and marketing.


Interests include outdoor activities, photography and social affairs.