Sigrún María Ammendrup, Administrative Director

School:School of Technology / Department of Computer Science 
Location:Venus 3. floor 
Phone:   Mobile: 6179510 

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2008-2012         Prgram Administrator, School of Computer Science.
  • 2000-2003         Medical secretary, Orthopaedic Department. 
  • 1996-1998         A support representant for severely handicapped children.
  • Other:     2009-2012. Secretary in the Icelandic Grammar Association. 


2007-? University of Iceland, MA in Language technology

  1. Dialogue between paradigms, NLVN Symposium and Ph.D. course in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 2007.
  2. NGSLT course in Riga, Latvia. ,,Lexicography, lexicology and corpus analysis" given by Prof. Patrick Hanks in November 2007.
  3. NGSLT course in Reykjavík, Iceland. ,,Information Extraction´´ given by Dr. Mark Stevenson in April 2008.
  4. NGSLT course in Helsinki, Finland. ,,A multi-agent approach to language acquisition, language grounding and language evolution´´ given by Dr. Paul Vogt in May 2008.
  5. GSLT course in Sweden. ,,Speech Technology´´ Lecturer Joakim Gustavson in Fall 2008.

2007 University of Iceland, BA in Linguistics