Sveinn ├×orgeirsson, Lecturer

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Sport Science 
Phone:5996464   Mobile: 6975098 


2012 - Reykjavik University, M.Sc. Science of Sport and Exercise

2010 - Reykavik University, B.Sc., Sport Science


2014 - Teacher at the School of Science and Engineering, Sport Science

2011 - Physical education teacher at Borgarholtsskóli, PE and Sport Academy

2009 - Head of coaches at Fjölnir handball and coaching youth since 2005

RU teaching record

2020-3E-512-PEMEPhysiological Tests
2020-3E-106-HALKApplied Leadership and Pedagogy
2020-1E-106-HALKApplied Leadership and Pedagogy
2020-1E-202-MOPSMotor learning and development
2020-1E-716-PTTRPhilosophy and theory of training
2020-1E-699-THESBSc Thesis
2020-1E-899-THESMasters Thesis
2020-1E-302-THETTheory of training
2019-3E-512-PEMEPhysiological Tests
2019-3E-106-HALKApplied Leadership and Pedagogy
2019-1E-202-MOPSMotor learning and development
2019-1E-699-THESBSc Thesis
2019-1E-899-THESMasters Thesis
2019-1E-302-THETTheory of training
2018-3E-512-PEMEPhysiological Tests
2018-3E-106-HALKApplied Leadership and Pedagogy
2018-3E-716-PTTRPhilosophy and theory of training
2018-3T-100-HUGMBrain Storming
2018-3E-899-THESMasters Thesis
2018-1E-202-MOPSMotor learning and development
2018-1E-699-THESBSc Thesis


The physical and physiological difference between soccer academy players and their non-academy teammates


Honours and grants

2007 – Landsbankinn grant for 1. year students at RU

2008 – Dean´s list of honor - Autumn 2007, Department of Education and Public Health

2008 – Dean´s list of honor - Spring 2008, Department of Education and Public Health

2009 – Dean´s list of honor - Autumn 2008, Department of Education and Public Health

2009 – Icelandic Student Innovation Fund  – Team Handball Academy in Secondary Schools

2010 – Dean´s list of honor - Autumn 2009, Department of Education and Public Health

2010 – Dean´s list of honor - Spring 2010, Department of Education and Public Health

2011 – Icelandic Student Innovation Fund – Vertical Jump smartphone application for athletes performance evaluation

2012 – Icelandic Student Innovation Fund – The Overarm Handball Throw. Biofeedback with sEMG technology

Subject field

 Exercise Science and Coaching, in particular elite training, theory of training, coaching philosophy and team handball.

Business relations

 Head of coaches at Fjölnir handball

Project manager and founder of Fjölnir Sport Academy

Project manager of the Sport Academy at Borgarholtsskóli (secondary school)