Álfgeir Logi Kristjánsson, Assistant Professor

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Psychology 


Master of Science (MSc) in Social Research Methods from the University of Edinburgh in 2004 with main emphasis on quantitative/statistical research methods and sociology of deviance.


Bachelor of Arts (BA honours) in Sociology from the University of Iceland in 2003. Emphasis on various subjects within sociology, such as deviance, criminology, work and organizations, gender, as well as research methods (quantitative and qualitative).


Graduate from the Hamrahlid College in Iceland in 1997. Majored in Psychology and Sociology.


January 2005 to date: Researcher in the new School of Health and Education at Reykjavik University. Tasks include manipulation and analysis of large quantitative datasets and writing papers for publication in academic journals. Tutor in quantitative data analysis in the school of Health and Education at Reykjavik University. Social Researcher at The Centre for Social Research and Analysis in Reykjavik University emphasizing on youth research. Tasks include manipulation and analysis of large quantitative datasets, report writing, and communicating with clients.

2004: Social Researcher with MVA limited in Edinburgh, Scotland. Tasks include statistical analysis of quantitative data, particularly from the Scottish and British Crime Surveys, report writing, and data gathering. Tutor in sociology in the University of Edinburgh.

2003: Tutor on the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) computer program during my postgraduate studies at the University of Edinburgh. Tasks include preparation of material for teaching, lecturing, assisting students, and marking exams. Sideline project in data analysis for member of staff at the University. Conducted a research on the fear of crime and victimization, using secondary and quantitative data during the summer. Assistant researcher on writing a textbook in Sociology.

2002: Tutor on SPSS during my 2nd and 3rd years in the University of Iceland. Key tasks the same as in 2003. Conducted an independent qualitative research in the summer of 2002 on Anabolic Steroids. Assistant Researcher on a project on Electronic Surveillance while studying in the University of Iceland. Tasks include literature review, presentation of the literature, interviewing participants, coding, and analysing data. I was also a student representative during my years in the University of Iceland as well as being the representative for sociology students in the faculty of social sciences. Duties included attending meetings with Professors and other members of staff and presenting student’s views to them together with writing newspaper articles on student affairs.

2001-2002: Along with my academic studies, and during the summer months, a Treatment Officer in Arvellir treatment centre for young people with behavioral difficulties and drug problems. Main tasks were to supervise of the treatment program with the teenagers as well as maintaining general discipline and supervising group work.

1998-2000: Before attending university, worked for GV wholesale in Iceland. My main tasks were to deliver products to customers (driver), collect monies, and some salesmanship. Later I became Assistant Accountant during the summers of 2002 and 2003, and worked there during the Christmas and Easter breaks, along with studying at college.

1996-1998: Fifuborg Playschool. Key duties included; supervising children, aged 4-6. Supervision of group work with 6-8 year old children.

RU teaching record




Kristjansson (accepted for publishing in 2006). On Social Equality and Perceptions of Safety: A comparison Study Between two European Countries. European Journal of Criminology.



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