Fixed Income Analysis


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ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
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Már Wolfgang Mixa
Fixed income is among the major financial pillars in every civilized society. This course is set to support students in having applicable knowledge of most types of fixed income instruments (bonds), not only how to price them and evaluate the pricing in the markets, but also to determine possible pros and cons of different types of fixed income instruments
Students should be able to describe:
• The most common types of fixed income markets, including government bonds and corporate bonds.
• The most important aspects regarding the evaluation of bonds.
• Portfolio management of fixed income securities and drivers of performance, including the duration effects.
The student should be able to:
• Quantify the price sensitivity of bonds
• Analyze various features of bonds
• Determine the valuation for fixed income securities.
• Apply basic tools such as Excel to analyze bond prices and other tools as well.
The student should be able to apply knowledge and skills to critically:
• Analyze and strategically weigh different types of bonds both in Iceland and in foreign markets.
• Evaluate the pros and cons associated with different bond classes and time structures in a broader context.
• Weigh risks in relation to bond investments.
The final grade will be based on four parts, with the following weights:
Class participation                  10%Mid-term exam:                      20%A home assignment:               20%Final exam:                             50%
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