Strategic HRM and Metrics


Ár1. ár
ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
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UndanfararEngir undanfarar.
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Kjartan Sigurðsson
 This course is designed as a platform for integration and application of various concepts, theories and frameworks in the field of HRM and OP and from other courses in the program. The strategic fit or alignment of HRM strategy and practices to organizational strategic goals, and HRM´s contribution to performance through value creation, are central to this course. The focus is on content, context and process considerations including formulation, decision making, implementation and evaluation processes for strategically aligned HR strategy and HR metrics. Basic concepts and key frameworks to analyse competitive and complex organizational environment will be introduced. Participant´s will also be exposed to various trends and contextual issues faced by organizations and HR professionals in a complex, competitive and ever evolving environment. The firm´s HR architecture, along with theories relating to HRM´s strategic role, business partnership and HR value proposition, will be covered. Various models, perspectives and stakeholders will be taken into account. 
Understand the complexities in HR and business strategy development, implementation and evaluation.

Understand and explain key terms and frameworks relating to strategy development and implementation.

Conceptually understand and explain key theories and frameworks relating to stragetical alignment of HR strategy and HR metrics.
Describe and apply key HR models, frameworks and concepts and use them to effectively analyse various situation and organizations.

Develop strategically relevant and organizationally aligned HR metrics to evaluate HR effectiveness and contribution to organizations.

To use concepts, framework, theories and research results to build up a rationale for decision making in HR.
To think analytically, systematically and strategically about aspects of managing human and social capital in organizational settings.

Actively participate and contribute in the analysis and developmental stages of an organizational business strategy.

Take on a leading role in the systematic and critical analysis, development and design of an integrated and strategically aligned HR strategy and HR metrics.


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