Business Research Methodology


Ár1. ár
ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
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UndanfararEngir undanfarar.
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Haukur Freyr Gylfason
Kjartan Sigurðsson
The course covers relevant research methodologies used in business research, principles, practices and issues of quantitative and qualitative research and approaches to extend knowledge of research methodology and methods. Thus, the overall purpose of the course is to prepare students for conducting own research projects.

The course will:
• Advance theoretical knowledge, practical skills and competences in quantitative and qualitative research
• Encourage students to think critically and incorporate tools and skills into their research
• Provide students with an understanding of how to ensure high quality and practice in doing quantitative and qualitative research
The student should
Be able to explain the fundamentals in research ethics and in philosophy of research
Understand main qualitative and quantitative empirical methods for business research
Recognize and understand the research methods in state-of-the art research papers and articles
Be familiar with relevant statistical software packages and qualitative data analysis software packages
The student should
Recognize ethical difficulties in research
Plan and organize a research process
Link research methods to theory in their field of business studies
Identify and analyze relevant data for research projects
Utilize relevant software packages
The student should
Formulate and justify relevant research questions and research design
Apply quantitative and qualitative research methodology
Interpret, critically evaluate and communicate research results
Reflect on the limitations of research design and methodology

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