Intellectual Property Law


Year3. year
SemesterFall 2021
Level of course1. First cycle, introductory
Type of courseCore
PrerequisitesNo prerequisites.
ScheduleClass taught in a 3 week period at the end of the semester, consisting of lectures, discussions and practical assignments.
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The course will begin with a discussion of the basic concepts of intellectual property rights and the regulatory framework of this field of law. The principal international agreements on this subject will be examined, as well as their relation to the domestic legal order. This will be followed by discussion of the individual branches of intellectual property rights and the principal rules and concepts of each branch, starting with copyrights to literary works or works of art, covered by Act No. 73/1972, as amended, patent protection of inventions, covered by Act No. 17/1991, as amended, and trade mark law, covered by Act No. 45/1997, as amended, and finally design protection, covered by Act No. 42/2001. Discussions will focus on the rules applicable to the establishment of rights, the term and scope of protection, and international co-operation in these areas.
Learning outcome - Objectives
On completion of the course students should: be familiar with the basic principles of intellectual property and be able to discuss their importance and connection with cultural activities and the economy.
Course assessment
The course assessment will be built upon students’ participation in class, practical assignments and shorter tests that will be presented at regular intervals. Teachers reserve the right to make minor changes to this assessment but the final outline will be available to students before teaching begins. Each part of the assessment will count towards no more than 40% of the final grade.
Reading material
No reading material found.
Teaching and learning activities
Lectures and discussions.
Language of instructionIcelandic