Deildarforseti:Dr. Friðrik Már Baldursson
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Vorönn/Spring 2020
Nánari upplýsingarSamþætt verkefni I ; hugmynd og hönnunValnámskeiðT-800-INT18 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarGlobal Issues in Travel and TourismValnámskeiðV-711-GLTT7,5 Einingar
1. árPrenta
ÖnnVorönn/Spring 2020
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Tegund námskeiðsValnámskeið
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Tracy S. Michaud
 Tourism is the world´s largest industry.  As future managers, students will learn the value of understanding how tourism affects both travelers, businesses, and communities in complex and contentious ways throughout the world in order to make informed leadership decisions at work and in their personal travel. 
The student should have an understanding of concepts such as:
- how global tourism brings travelers, businesses, and host communities into close contact and the issues this creates;
-the presentation of western ideals and images in non-western countries and how tourism affects this;
-the political and ethical dilemmas of tourism.The student should develop the ability to apply their knowledge to:
-discuss, write and present on the issues and negative consequences of travel and tourism in the world
-discuss, write and present on how responsible travel, when planned and carried out according to ethical principles and guidelines, can be a force of change
-discuss, write and present on how tourism can introduce travelers to other cultures, improve living conditions of local residents, protect local environments, resources, and lifestyles, and build business.The student should apply their knowledge and skills to:
- inform decisions based on how travel and tourism is a major force of social, economic, cultural, and environmental change.
- document, present, and advocate for decisions based on how travel and tourism is a major force of social, economic, cultural, and environmental change.
 Learning activities throughout the semester lead to a final paper and presentation that synthesizes class content. Students will also create a personal ethical travel statement and responsible tourism statement for a business.
Ekkert skráð lesefni.
 Class content will be presented through text readings, video presentations, and class lectures. Learning activities will be student-led, rely heavily on readings, group discussions, and in-class activities.
Nánari upplýsingarConsumer BehaviorValnámskeiðV-712-COBE3,75 Einingar
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Nánari upplýsingarEntrepreneurship and Innovation in ContextValnámskeiðV-715-ENIC3,75 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBusiness Process ManagementValnámskeiðV-716-BPMA7,5 Einingar
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Nánari upplýsingarStrategic HRM and MetricsValnámskeiðV-745-STRA7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarBusiness Research MethodologyValnámskeiðV-746-REME7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarInternshipValnámskeiðV-748-INTE7,5 Einingar
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Nánari upplýsingarTraining and DevelopmentValnámskeiðV-840-TRDE3,75 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarReikningshald, afleiður og aðrir fjármálagerningarValnámskeiðV-871-AFLE7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMeistararitgerð/hlutaskilValnámskeiðV-888-THHL7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarResearch ProposalSkyldaV-898-REPR0 Einingar
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Sumarönn/Summer 2020
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Nánari upplýsingarInternshipValnámskeiðV-748-INTE7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarThe Finance underlying Blockchain and CryptocurrencyValnámskeiðV-749-FIBC7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarCross-cultural CommunicationValnámskeiðV-756-CRCO7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarManagement AccountingValnámskeiðV-793-MAAC7,5 Einingar
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Nánari upplýsingarVenture CapitalSkyldaV-875-VENT7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMeistararitgerð/hlutaskilValnámskeiðV-888-THHL7,5 Einingar
Nánari upplýsingarMeistararitgerðSkyldaV-898-THES30 Einingar