Department of Engineering
Dean:Dr. Ágúst Valfells
MSc in Financial Engineering
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Education cycle2
Mandatory course on majorTeaching language
Optional course on majorPrerequisites for course
Haustönn/Fall 2023
More infoEnergy EconomicsElectiveSE-805-EC1ECTS 6
More infoEmbedded System ProgrammingElectiveT-738-EMBEECTS 8
More infoSimulation IIElectiveT-806-SIMUECTS 6
More infoQuality ManagementElectiveT-807-QUALECTS 6
More infoApplying Models in ManagementElectiveT-808-NOLIECTS 8
More infoData Mining and Machine LearningCoreT-809-DATAECTS 8
More infoOptimization MethodsCoreT-810-OPTIECTS 8
More infoApplied ProbabilityCoreT-811-PROBECTS 8
More infoFinancial Engineering of the FirmCoreT-814-FINAECTS 8
More infoManaging Research and Development - Methods and ModelsElectiveT-814-PRODECTS 8
More infoFixed Income and Interest Rate ModellingCoreT-815-FIXEECTS 8
More infoAdvanced Biomechanics IIElectiveT-828-BIOMECTS 8
More infoGraduate Research Opportunities IElectiveT-829-GRO1ECTS 6
More infoEnergy in Industrial ProcessesElectiveT-863-EIIPECTS 8
More infoPrecision Machine DesignElectiveT-865-MADEECTS 8
More infoHigh Voltage EngineeringElectiveT-866-HIVOECTS 8
More infoSmart-Grid and Sustainable Power SystemsElectiveT-867-GRIDECTS 8
More infoComputer Vision ApplicationsElectiveT-869-COMPECTS 6
More infoMSc ThesisCoreT-899-MEISECTS 30
More infoMSc ThesisElectiveT-900-MEISECTS 30
More infoMSc thesis IIElectiveT-901-MEI2ECTS 30
More infoExchange StudiesElectiveX-699-EXCHECTS 30
Vorönn/Spring 2024
More infoEnergy Financial AssessmentElectiveSE-833-FA2ECTS 6
More infoEngineering OptimizationElectiveT-423-ENOPECTS 6
More infoSleepElectiveT-424-SLEEECTS 6
More infoDecision Analysis for ManagementElectiveT-603-AKVAECTS 6
More infoInternship in Engineering IElectiveT-706-INT1ECTS 6
More infoInternship in Engineering IIElectiveT-706-INT2ECTS 6
More infoSystems BiologyElectiveT-765-SYBIECTS 8
More infoResearch Methods ICoreT-801-RESMECTS 4
More infoProject Management and Strategic PlanningElectiveT-803-VERKECTS 8
More infoDerivatives and risk managementCoreT-814-DERIECTS 8
More infoCreating a Complete Business Plan for a Technical Idea - Entrepreneurship and the Innovation ProcessElectiveT-814-INNOECTS 8
More infoModern Trends in Financial EngineeringElectiveT-816-MTFEECTS 8
More infoTissue Engineering and BiomaterialsElectiveT-828-TISSECTS 8
More infoGraduate Research Opportunities IElectiveT-829-GRO1ECTS 6
More infoFinite Element Analysis in EngineeringElectiveT-844-FEMMECTS 8
More infoNeural EngineeringElectiveT-863-NEURECTS 8
More infoWind PowerElectiveT-863-WINDECTS 8
More infoPower System OperationElectiveT-867-POSYECTS 8
More infoStability and Control in Electric Power SystemsElectiveT-867-STABECTS 8
More infoProtection Philosophy for Smart-GridsElectiveT-868-PROTECTS 8
More infoMSc ThesisCoreT-899-MEISECTS 30
More infoMSc ThesisElectiveT-900-MEISECTS 30
More infoMSc thesis IIElectiveT-901-MEI2ECTS 30
More infoBusiness Process ManagementElectiveV-716-BPMAECTS 7,5
More infoEntrepreneurial FinanceElectiveV-733-ENTRECTS 7,5
More infoBusiness Intelligence and AnalyticsElectiveV-784-REK5ECTS 7,5
More infoEntrepreneurship and Starting New VenturesElectiveX-204-STOFECTS 6
More infoExchange StudiesElectiveX-699-EXCHECTS 30