Indriði Sævar Ríkharðsson

School:School of Technology / Department of Applied Engineering 
Location:Nauthólsvík, Venus 3rd floor 
Phone:5996436   Mobile: 8636302 


1990  Technical University of Denmark. M.S.  (Civ .ing)  Mechanical Engineering.
1987  University of Iceland, C.S.  Mechanical Engineering
1982  Schola Akureyrensis , matriculation examination  physics


2005 - Reykjavik University, Assistant Professor ,School of Science and Engineering.
2002 - 2005 Technical University of Iceland , Assistant Professor. Faculty of Engineering
1999 - 2002 Technincal College of Iceland, Assistant Professor Mechanical department.
1999 - 2004 The Reykjavík Technical College , Part time teacher.
1998 - 1999  ÍSAL Occupational training center. Teacher
1991 og   1995 – 1999  Technincal College of Iceland , Part time lecturer Mechanical department.
1990 – 1999 The Reykjavík Technical College , Teacher ,physics  and mathematics ,Department of Computer Technology and Department of General Studies . Head of  department,  mathematics and physics 1998 – 1999.

RU teaching record

2021-3VT LOK1012Final Project
2021-3AT INT1003Internship in applied engineering I
2021-3VT STÝ1003Control Engineering
2021-3VT FEM1003Computer Aided Structural Mechanics FEM
2021-3VT VHF2013Machine Element Design
2021-2VT LOK1012Final Project
2021-1VT HVV1003Practical Project I
2021-1VT HVV3003Practical Project III
2021-1VT HUN1013Design
2021-1RT IDN1003Industrial Controllers and Robots
2021-1VT LOK1012Final Project
2021-1AT INT1003Internship in applied engineering I
2021-1AT INT2003Internship in applied engineering II
2021-1VI TEI2013Computer-Aided Design II
2021-1AT PRX3016Project X12
2021-1AT PRX3013Project X3
2021-1VT VHF1003Machine Elements I
2020-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2020-3VT LOK1012Final Project
2020-3AT IND1003Independent Project
2020-3AT INT1003Internship in applied engineering I
2020-3VT STÝ1003Control Engineering
2020-3VT FEM1003Computer Aided Structural Mechanics FEM
2020-3VT VHF2013Machine Element Design
2020-2VT LOK1012Final Project
2020-2VI LOK1006Final project
2020-2V-111-CTSOCustomized Technical Solutions
2020-1T-420-HONXDesign X
2020-1RT IDN1003Industrial Controllers and Robots
2020-1VT LOK1012Final Project
2020-1AT INT1003Internship in applied engineering I
2020-1AT INT2003Internship in applied engineering II
2020-1VI TEI2013Computer-Aided Design II
2020-1T-401-VELHMachine Elements
2020-1VT VHF1003Machine Elements I
2019-3AT TÆK1002Introduction to Engineering Design
2019-3T-102-VERKIntroduction to Engineering
2019-3VT LOK1012Final Project
2019-3VT STÝ1003Control Engineering
2019-3VT FEM1003Computer Aided Structural Mechanics FEM
2019-3VT VHF2013Machine Element Design
2019-2V-111-CTSOCustomized Technical Solutions
2019-1VT HVV3003Practical Project III
2019-1T-420-HONXDesign X
2019-1RT IDN1003Industrial Controllers and Robots
2019-1VT LOK1012Final Project
2019-1AT INT1003Internship in applied engineering I
2019-1AT INT2003Internship in applied engineering II
2019-1VI TEI2013Computer-Aided Design II
2019-1T-401-VELHMachine Elements

Subject field

Finite element analysis and simulation. Computer-aided design and simulation. Feedback control and control systems. Industrial robots and computer vision.


Sitting in Vatnstjónaráð (Water damage council) og behalf of Technical University of Iceland ( later School of Science and Engineering , Reykjavik University) .

Conference about water damage and water damage prevention held by Vatnstjónaráð in Reykjavik 18. november 2004. Member of organizing comittee and presented opinions of working group. See here (in icelandic)


I have a very good computer knowlegde and is familiar with  engineering software  as AutoCad, Inventor, SolidWorks, ANSYS and ANSYS Workbench. I have also good knowlegde in technical programming language as LabView, Mathcad, Matlab, Simulink, EES ,VisualBasic, FORTRAN and Delphi (Pascal). I am very intersted in computers (not computer gamesi) and all kinds of new techninc.