Bryndís Ásbjarnardóttir, Director of BSc Programme in Business and Economics

School:School of Social Sciences / Department of Business Administration 
Location:Uranus 2 floor 
Office hours:As per inquiry 
Phone:   Mobile: 6953138 

Curriculum Vitae

Bryndís Ásbjarnardóttir is a lecturer in finance and economics at Reykjavik University and the director of the BSc programme in business and economics. She graduated with a MSc in Financial economics from the University of Iceland in 2007. Her main research interests are financial stability, Economics, Financial markets, Statistics, Econometrics. She worked for a decade at the Central Bank of Iceland on research and analysis. After that, she was the director of macroprudential policy at the Financial Supervisory Authority until the merger of the institutions. Subsequently, she took a seat as an external member of the Financial Stability Committee at Central bank of Iceland. Along with her committee work, she worked on research and forecasts at the Statistics Iceland. She has taught economics and finance at both Háskóli Reykjavíkur and Opna háskólanum. Amongst other work she wrote about the prepayment and credit risk for the report of the Alþingi investigation committee on the Housing Loan Fund.


RU teaching record

2024-1V-304-FMARFinancial Markets
2023-1V-304-FMARFinancial Markets
2022-3V-406-TOL2Applied Statistics II